What An Ideal Woman Looks Like, A Masculine Look

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What An Ideal Woman Looks Like, A Masculine Look
What An Ideal Woman Looks Like, A Masculine Look

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What an ideal woman looks like
What an ideal woman looks like

It is almost impossible to understand exactly what an ideal woman looks like. This is due to the fact that some people like it when a woman has big breasts and pumped up lips, and someone likes naturalness in everything. In order to understand what traits an ideal woman should be endowed with, the following material was written.

The content of the article

  • 1 The opinion of scientists about the ideal woman
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Hair and eye color
  • 4 Figure
  • 5 Age
  • 6 10 qualities that an ideal woman possesses
  • 7 Light eyes
  • 8 Tenderness
  • 9 Fragrances
  • 10 Body
  • 11 French
  • 12 Femininity
  • 13 Dimple on the chin
  • 14 Loose long hair
  • 15 brunette
  • 16 Proactive
  • 17 Conclusion

Scientists' Opinion on the Ideal Womani

As it always happens, scientists are looking for answers to the most popular questions. They, of course, were also interested in what the ideal woman looks like and that's what they managed to find out.


As for the appearance, everything is standard here - shiny hair, snow-white teeth, elastic ass and lush breasts. It is also important to have natural lips and thin legs.

Hair and eye color3

Also, among men, a survey was conducted by one of the scientists, which showed the preferences of guys in hair and eye color. Contrary to the general and misleading opinion that guys like blondes more, brunettes win in this poll. More than 60% of respondents answered that they would prefer black hair color for girls. And only 20% of men prefer blondes. The rest of the votes were given to redheads.

As for eye color, the following statistics came out here:

More than 40% of men voted for blue eyes. For hazel - 29%. In last place are green eyes. 13% of men voted for them.


And now the most interesting thing is the figure. About 40% of men would prefer their girlfriend to be no more than size 48. 10% of men said they would like a very skinny girl who wears clothes no more than size 42. The rest of the men prefer crumpets from size 48 to 52.


But scientists from Finland decided to conduct such a survey - what age is preferable. They managed to find out that no matter how old the person who voted, basically everyone gives their preference to women between the ages of 21 and 28.

Perfect girl
Perfect girl

10 qualities that an ideal woman possesses10

Scientists have learned about the research, and now is the time to find out how the average man see the ideal woman.

Light eyes6

One well-known magazine decided to conduct its own research and interview men. They asked what eye color the ideal girl should have in their opinion. It turned out that more than 40% of guys prefer light shades of eyes, namely green and blue. The rest opted for a darker color.


It was also found that most of the men who participated in the survey prefer to receive as much love and tenderness from a woman as possible. After in this rating comes the mind, and the third place is humor. So, if you are smart, joke well, and very gentle and affectionate, then you can already be called an ideal woman!


So that a man goes crazy with your new perfume, it is important that your perfume is combined. Mixing they should form something beautiful. So even there were paired perfumes from many famous brands, which are ideally combined together and form a new scent.

The perfect girl for a man
The perfect girl for a man


The university surveyed 2,000 men. 45% of them confidently said that they like girls with forms. And 34% said they were more attracted to very thin girls. The rest opted for plump ones.


Thanks to the survey, it was found out that many guys dream of their girlfriend being of a different nationality. Namely, a Frenchwoman. It was not possible to find out what it is connected with.


It is not at all surprising, but still - more than 50% of the men surveyed said that a feminine appearance and style of clothing attracted them more than sports.

Dimple on the chin12

Here's a weirdness. Many guys, more than 40%, like the presence of a dimple on a woman's chin.

Loose Long Hair13

Quite expected, but guys love it when girls have simple hair. Hairstyle and collected hair is, of course, more comfortable, but if you want to win the hearts of guys, then the hair will have to be given complete freedom. Of all the respondents, only 10% of the guys answered that they were attracted by the presence of a tail or braid on the girl's head.

What a perfect girl
What a perfect girl


Here scientists and men agreed - brunettes rule the world. Blondes, of course, were popular, and even now many people like them, but most would still prefer girls with dark hair color. In general, a blonde or a brunette is everyone's choice and by the way there is no dispute about tastes.


A lot of guys don't like passive and pliable ladies. And here we are talking not only about the bed, but about life in general. But the line is important here! Don't overdo it and turn sassy to impress a guy. Remain yourself, but add more confidence and stop being afraid of responsibility.


Now, having learned the opinion of men, you know what an ideal woman looks like. Become a little bolder and change yourself if you are far from ideal. Change is always for the better.

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