What A Man Needs To Know About Women: Let's Reveal The Secrets

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What A Man Needs To Know About Women: Let's Reveal The Secrets
What A Man Needs To Know About Women: Let's Reveal The Secrets
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what a man needs to know
what a man needs to know

Human relations is a rather complex and multifaceted sphere. This is especially true of the interaction of a man and a woman. People of different genders do not always understand each other, even if they already have sufficient experience in relationships.

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  • 1 Women hate making decisions
  • 2 Women love compliments
  • 3 Women want to feel safe
  • 4 Women need to feel an emotional connection with a man
  • 5 Women feel great fake
  • 6 Women want to be appreciated
  • 7 Women have a special relationship with time

This is especially true for men, since they are not very interested in the psychology of the opposite sex. But if you want the relationship to develop harmoniously, then you should think about this issue. In general, it is quite easy to figure out what a man should know about women. There are several nuances that are of considerable importance.

Women hate to make decisions

"I'm a girl, I don't want to decide anything, I want a dress." Sound familiar? It is this phrase that most often revolves in the head of a woman who has fallen on a bunch of problems, and she needs to sort them out on her own. Any representative of the weaker sex wants to have a strong man nearby who will decide everything himself.

Therefore, if it comes to discussing joint affairs, you should not wait for answers from a woman. In a family, a man takes a leading position, doesn't he?

Women love compliments2

It looks strange that someone else might not know this. But in fact, yes, some men do not understand at all that women need to say nice words on a regular basis. This cheers them up, and wings begin to break through behind their backs.

A woman who is being complimented feels more confident, which then appears in all areas, including intimacy. You can praise anything you want: hair, dress, makeup, a new post on the social network, a photo. Nothing to say? Then you can simply declare with admiration: "You look today - it's just awful!"

Women want to feel safe3

Historically, the woman takes care of the hearth, and the man takes out the mammoth and protects the cave. Of course, now saber-toothed tigers will no longer penetrate through iron doors and plastic windows, but nothing has changed much in psychology.

about secrets
about secrets

A woman wants to feel like she is behind a stone wall, not behind drywall. She wants to be sure that if problems arise, the life partner will solve them, and not run away like the last coward. This nuance is very important in the question of what a man should know about women.

Women need to feel an emotional connection with a man4

Men are very pragmatic creatures. Because of this, they forget that women are largely ruled by emotions. The fair sex wants to constantly communicate with a partner, be interested in his affairs, spend time together. Many women are offended if a man withholds details about his affairs. Therefore, a man should not withhold information when questioning.

Women feel great fake5

Feminine emotionality worked here too. A girl with almost one hundred percent guarantee can recognize a lie, even if the man thinks that he has not pierced anywhere. Incorrect intonation, strange gestures, unusual behavior … A woman can pay attention to anything. And even if there are no special signs, then intuition will work. Therefore, you should not deceive women if there is no particular need for it.

secrets in women
secrets in women

Women want to be appreciated6

A woman is ready to do a lot for the man who is next to her. But if he does not appreciate this at all, then the desire for feats will quickly fade away. Therefore, it is worthwhile to thank your partner more often for all the good that she gives. This can relate to cooked meals, comfort in the house, intimate life. It will not be superfluous to thank the woman and just for what she is.

Women have a special relationship with time7

It is the woman who usually remembers the dates of the first date, kiss, sex. A man does not store this information in his memory and sometimes completely forgets about important events. This offends the woman, and even if she didn’t show it, she was probably upset. Maybe you should start a reminder on your phone or mark important days on your calendar? This will help smooth out the rough edges in the relationship and further delight your life partner.

All of the above allows you to get to know women better, thanks to which the relationship will become even more harmonious. Any girl will appreciate the correct male behavior and will be even more drawn to her partner.

women's secrets
women's secrets

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