Is It True That Tall Men Are Richer? What Scientists Say

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Is It True That Tall Men Are Richer? What Scientists Say
Is It True That Tall Men Are Richer? What Scientists Say

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puny little man
puny little man

Basically, you have to do a simple action - who to trust more - Charles Darwin or modern scientists.

Darwin theorized that our ancestors were stunted and were losing the battle for resource ownership. Then nature came to their aid - people began to develop their intelligence. This is how the person turned out somehow. From this it follows that man owes his position of the king of nature to low stature, which led to further development.

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  • 1 Scientists claim that tall men are richer and more successful.
  • 2 One small "but" that breaks all beautiful theories

Modern scientists from different countries argue that tall men are richer than their short fellows.

Scientists argue that tall men are richer and more successful.i

The higher the smarter

For example, Princeton economists say that men taller than 5'9 '' (175cm) earn more because they are smarter. This becomes noticeable already at the age of 3. Any tests that detect intelligence development are won by taller boys.

Actually, this is justified. The high growth of a child depends not only on the genes of the parents, but also on how he feeds in the prenatal and early postpartum periods. In well-to-do families, children get enough food, which leads to faster growth. And in such families, boys receive a good upbringing and education. These factors influence the success of tall men.

A New York-based study reveals that 90% of CEOs are above average growth. Therefore, their income is high, and high means strong.

tall men are richer, truth or myth
tall men are richer, truth or myth

2. High means strong.

This conclusion was reached by scientists from Holland, who studied information about 4,000 men. They argue that people unconsciously consider tall people to be more reliable, strong and confident. Recognizing these qualities in them, they a priori put them in the position of a leader. Having come somewhere, such a man does not need to try hard to achieve what he wants. In any case, a short man will have to put in much more effort.

The clearest proof of this theory is that almost all but three American presidents were tall. Moreover, among the applicants for this post, the one who is higher always wins.

There is one more facet of the question. Women also believe that being tall means strong. It's no secret that a lady plays a huge, sometimes decisive, role in a man's life. She either inspires heroic deeds and to move forward, or throws him to the bottom of a deep abyss. Believing that tall is strong and confident, she will broadcast to her macho. And the word has magical properties - sooner or later everything that is said becomes reality. A man also begins to believe in himself, his strength, and this becomes a decisive argument in the formation of a Winner. Strength starts at 16.

3. Strength starts at 16.

The most striking thing is that the amount of a man's earnings depends on how tall he would be at 16. In all likelihood, this is the age when the foundations of the confidence of the future man are laid, which is the guarantor of success. And a tall teenager always feels more confident.

Is it true that tall men are richer
Is it true that tall men are richer

One refinement of this theory. Those men who have reached their genetic maximum will be more successful. That is, if the boy's parents were tall, but he did not have the conditions to grow up as planned, then most likely he will be unsuccessful. And on the contrary, if the growth was originally supposed to be low, and the boy grew up like that, then there are great chances that everything will turn out well for him.

4. History to help us.

Some historical figures are just a picture of the above. If a man is tall, then he is confident and successful. And what should a little one do? Get angry, jealous and envious. But sometimes the strength of these feelings is so great that they are carried up on the crest of a wave. Then the Napoleons, Hitlers and Goebbels appear. Very, very sinister little ones.

One small "but" that breaks all beautiful theories2

The theory could be considered proven. If not for one, but such a significant "but" that it all shatters into smithereens. Just one listing of names - Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, Tamerlane, Nikita Khrushchev, Yuri Gagarin, Alexander Pushkin. And many other names of men who have achieved in life what their high contemporaries could not even dream of. And not only with their talents and natural abilities.

Next to everyone lives such a small man who, by perseverance and hard work, achieved everything he dreamed of, and which the tall neighbors never achieved, who enjoyed their growth on the couch in front of the TV and only dreamed of a better life.

Is it true that the tall are richer
Is it true that the tall are richer

Modern psychologists do a lot of research trying to understand human nature. And this is wonderful, because thanks to research, man gets to know his nature better and better. But sometimes the desire to find out the human background is sinned by attempts to fit a person to one standard, to find common features among millions. But all is in vain. Man is too multifaceted and amazing creature to fall under an unambiguous definition.

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