Does A Man Have To Be Handsome? The Answer To An Interesting Question

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Does A Man Have To Be Handsome? The Answer To An Interesting Question
Does A Man Have To Be Handsome? The Answer To An Interesting Question

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Does a man have to be handsome?
Does a man have to be handsome?

Male beauty is a very controversial and controversial issue. On the one hand, there is an opinion that a man should not be more beautiful than a monkey and the main thing in him is charisma, on the other, from childhood to maturity, or even further, girls are thrilled and dream of cute movie characters. It's not an easy question, but let's try to figure it out! So, should a man be handsome or is it exclusively a woman's prerogative?

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  • 1 Male beauty: each time has its own standard or Apollo
  • 2 The most handsome men of our time
  • 3 Men and women: two views of beauty

Male beauty: every time has its own standard or Apollo

Beauty standards for both women and men are highly variable. Each era leaves its mark and leads to a certain type of leader. Now people are much more focused on female appearance, but this does not mean that men have stopped taking care of themselves and look like Neanderthals. By the way, let's talk about them.

Ancient men were more agile, strong, courageous - no offense to modern representatives of the stronger sex, but still. The man was a hunter and a breadwinner, so the wider he was, the more powerful his muscles and the more scars adorned his body, the more attractive and desirable he seemed to women.

In the ancient Greeks, ideal masculine beauty is captured in works of art: slim, athletic, and sophisticated at the same time. Fashion is cyclical and today modern men are trying to look like statues and paintings from the period of Ancient Greece.

In the Middle Ages, the beauty of the human body faded into the background and spirituality and purity became the main indicator. Only in the Renaissance era, Leonardo da Vinci manages to revive interest in the male body.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, fashion trends change too quickly: fat, slim, bodybuilders, intellectuals. Today, from all screens, we are told that a man should be handsome. Modern guys regularly go in for sports, pump muscles and try to match the fashion.

handsome man
handsome man

The most handsome men of our time2

Which celebrity is the standard of beauty today? Let's add some visuals to make the conversation more substantive. So, then we are waiting for the five most beautiful men on the planet:

  1. Ben Affleck. This chic and charismatic man takes first place in the ranking. Masculinity is definitely about him: a strong look, a beautiful male body, a strong-willed chin, stubble. Uh …;
  2. Jamie Dornan. The British actor has a lot in common with the leader of the list. Is not it?;
  3. Tom Hardy. Another actor from Britain. Maybe bristles are a sign of masculinity and beauty? The three first handsome men practically do not part with her;
  4. Ryan Reynolds. Undeniably sexy and brutal man;
  5. Theo James. English actor and just a handsome man.

The top five look interesting and have a lot in common. But most importantly, sexuality and masculinity, these guys definitely do not hold. These are the modern heroes and conquerors of women's hearts.

Men and Women: Two Views on Beauty3

You can often hear from men that beauty is not about them. Some representatives not that they do not want to be beautiful, they are afraid to seem pretty and too pretty.

what a man should be
what a man should be

When in the context of cuteness they talk about a woman, then one aspect is invested here, but when about a man, it is completely different. Many guys admire themselves, watch their body and appearance, and there is nothing reprehensible in this. A man is proud of his beauty, but unlike a woman, he doesn't advertise it. His only fear is to appear cute.

Smileness and beauty are quite fine lines of the same thing. And if for a man there is a whole gulf between these two words, then for a woman - no. Girls love both handsome and cute guys and, sometimes, don't even make a difference in these concepts. It's just that the latter are distinguished by a more sophisticated appearance and prettiness.

Both sexes endow physically attractive people with properties that are sometimes not typical for them. Interestingly, on a subconscious level, more beautiful people are considered smarter and genetically preferable.

Girls love when next to them is a handsome man of tall stature, with broad shoulders, pumped-up arms and a strong-willed face.

handsome man
handsome man

Does a man have to be handsome? There is no single answer to this question. But many will agree that male beauty is made up not only of external parameters. In addition to physical data, it includes charm, charisma, sense of humor, behavior and style. No woman will definitely resist such a gentleman.

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