Do Men Like Pumped Lips, Their Shape And Size

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Do Men Like Pumped Lips, Their Shape And Size
Do Men Like Pumped Lips, Their Shape And Size
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Do men like pumped lips
Do men like pumped lips

Artificial large lips of unnatural shape and size are the new pandemic of the 21st century. Whether men like pumped-up lips, or women themselves, somehow managed to cultivate a new trend is not clear. It is clear so far that regardless of the causes, this "disease" has spread everywhere.

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1 How women are justified

Myths, thanks to which, among women, artificial sponges became popular:

  • Male omen - the fuller the lips, the fuller the labia, and when they penetrate the vagina, the partner's penis is stimulated by them more strongly.
  • Also from the realm of masculine signs, or rather fantasies - full lips guarantee more sensual caresses during a blowjob.
  • People's sign is full lips, a passionate woman.

In general, the signs of men and folk reflect the essence, because there is smoke without fire, as they say …

Experts in psychology and sexology argue that enlarged lips are a direct allusion to sexual overtones. When excited, the labia are enlarged, and large swollen lips on the face, associatively repeat the physiology of the genitals. Moreover, the ladies aggravate what is happening with bright lipstick and movements characteristic of oral sex on the penis. Thus, directly without hints, men are seduced.

pumped lips
pumped lips

Open demonstration of sexual readiness has ceased to be something unusual. Thanks to silicone, the "transformer" woman is ready for anything in advance, and she pumped up her ass and her lips and restored her breasts. After all, modern ideas, always ready for sex, the goddess of the bedroom, must be consistent. In addition to porn, black women and beautiful mulatto women introduced the fashion for plump lips, although the splendor of their forms is from nature. But the silicone resemblance, men are more often annoying than inspiring.

How women are justified

However, the rare owner of "dumplings" instead of lips, agree with the unanimous male idea of ​​a blowjob when looking at such ducks. Most lush-lipped ladies claim that rolled lips, or rather ruins, are a way of self-improvement.

  • A way to make yourself more attractive and seductive.
  • A proven way to feel more confident.
  • That it is self-development and growth.
  • This is a way to show material wealth.

Thus, the popularization of sex, and in particular oral sex, coupled with popular prejudices, stimulated an increase in the number of women who enlarge their lips. Some resorted to the help of a beautician or a plastic surgeon at the request of a partner, and some on their own, in search of a way to attract this very partner.

silicone lips
silicone lips

In the wake of women of reproductive age, leading an active sex life, young girls began to enlarge their lips. Now even a schoolgirl can become the owner of juicy lips. Artificial large lips of unnatural shape and size are the new pandemic of the 21st century.

However, when asked whether men like pumped lips, most of them answer ambiguously.

The most common men's opinions about artificial lips are:

  • Appetizing female lips have always attracted men, few are delighted with the lips of strings.
  • They like it if it is proportionate and proportional to the facial features.
  • Huge "ducks" and "dumplings" do not like anyone.
  • With equal size and similar facial features, large lips are liked more if they are natural, by nature.
  • A separate line should be noted that more than pumped up huge lips, men are annoyed by the lie that they are real.

Of course, there are also exceptional cases when a man likes lips of incredible size, although these cases are recommended to be accompanied by the consultation of a psychologist, and both parties.

silicone lips
silicone lips

Thus, the unanimous masculine "against" sounds only in relation to the disproportionate proportions of the face of the artificial lips. As for the aesthetics and plastics of slightly deformed or different lips, the stronger sex in general does not mind. A slight seductive swelling makes him even a little weak. However, whether men like pumped lips or not, a girl has the right to choose what is best for her. At least not one guy will make his beloved ruin his face.

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