What An Ideal Woman Should Be Through The Eyes Of An Imperfect Man

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What An Ideal Woman Should Be Through The Eyes Of An Imperfect Man
What An Ideal Woman Should Be Through The Eyes Of An Imperfect Man

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girl with hat
girl with hat

Before talking about what an ideal woman should be, it would be nice to decide on the target audience: who should be. The fact is that ideal for herself and for a man is two completely different, sometimes diametrically opposed people. And if you add here the ideal for mom and dad, the employer, society and Sveta from the next doorway, you get a walking manual on clinical psychiatry, not a woman.

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Ideal woman through the eyes of men i

Hundreds of books, thousands of articles, daily online trainings, life coaches, Vedic gurus - everyone teaches what an ideal woman should be. If you put together all the "shoulds" from various sources, then the ideal woman, like the ideal man, is better not to exist at all.

Despite the fact that there is no universal description of the ideal, men unanimously agree that there are a number of qualities that are inherent in the ideal woman. If you don't hide behind beautiful formulations, the picture looks like this:

ideal woman
ideal woman
  1. Great sense of humor. A cheerful woman is always great: she has no complexes and can always defuse the oppressive atmosphere. On the other hand, a woman's sense of humor suggests that she is ready to laugh at a man's jokes, and this is one of the forms of social stroking, without which men simply cannot imagine life.
  2. Developed empathy. A woman should be sensitive and be able to guess the mood, know when to keep silent.
  3. Willingness to show feelings. Modesty is important, of course, but a complete inability to express feelings in public can confuse a man and make him doubt sincerity.
  4. Sexuality. The ability to captivate and retain a man is directly related to maintaining sex drive. It is desirable that it was impossible to look away from the woman, but other men did not look at her.
  5. Ambitiousness. A woman should boldly realize her ambitions, be smart, provide for herself and at the same time be ready to give up her career in favor of her family at any time.
  1. Partnership. A woman should serve a man emotionally and be there when he needs support.
  2. Health care. A woman should take care of her health, first of all, because she has to give birth.
  3. Inspiration. A woman should be able to inspire a man to heroic deeds, and men should always have the opportunity to blame someone else for their own failures.
  4. Mind. A woman should be smart and educated, should be able to maintain a conversation and give advice that matches what the man wants to hear.
  5. Beauty. A woman should take care of herself, because someone in a pair should. If unlucky enough to win the genetic lottery, she should be able to paint.

What an ideal woman shouldn't be 2

  1. Vulgar. God forbid, once again put on that breathtakingly short skirt from which he once could not look away. Taking a cocktail at the house is practically treason. And a slight half-smile addressed to a stranger is practically an exit to the panel.
  2. Angry and cruel. After all, cruelty is a sign of a real man, there is no need to take the palm. And you need to react to impartial statements in your address not with anger, but like Turgenev's young ladies - with blush and tears. After all, if a woman can protect her borders from outsiders, maybe she can protect herself from a man?

Selfish. Self-care is needed only in the external manifestation. With the appearance of a man in a man's life, all a woman's concern for her mental balance is equated with egoism, because now there is a man who also needs care

  1. Selfish. Solve problems at the expense of a man? Asking for money? Presents? Here's an ungrateful hanger - find a job, only one where there are no men, and the schedule is free, and in general, stay at home.
  2. A pessimist. A woman has no right to be in a bad mood, anger and resentment.

So, what an ideal woman should be through the eyes of a man: an eternally happy doll, with pre-installed topics for intimate conversations, a set of social strokes and a mode of sexual activity that turns off as soon as other men appear within a radius of 1 kilometer

The perfect woman for herself 3

In contrast to this unattainable ideal, the normal average woman looks rather flawed. Despite this, the vast majority of beautiful women spend their lives to please the next man. If even a small fraction of women spent as much time on themselves as they spend on men, we would be surrounded by a completely different society, full of self-confident women who love themselves, do charity work, work where they want and raise children, like nature demands them, not relatives and too compassionate neighbors.

perfect woman for yourself
perfect woman for yourself

The only thing a woman has to do in order to be perfect for herself is to learn to love herself more than anyone else. With the purest, unselfish love, learn to take care of yourself and do everything in your life out of love, and not out of a sense of duty or your own inferiority.

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