Why Does A Woman Like Men Younger Than Her? What Are The Advantages Of Choosing

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Why Does A Woman Like Men Younger Than Her? What Are The Advantages Of Choosing
Why Does A Woman Like Men Younger Than Her? What Are The Advantages Of Choosing

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Why women like younger men
Why women like younger men

A recent study on online dating has shed light on why women are attracted to younger men. Research has shown that the average woman tends to respond to a man who is 10-15 years younger than her. But why is there such a shift in relationship dynamics?

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  • 1 This is science
  • 2 It's about the look
  • 3 Good appearance
  • 4 Feel good
  • 5 In the driver's seat
  • 6 No status required
  • 7 Requires no commitment
  • 8 Knowledge is power
  • 9 Choosing a path

Here are the most common reasons and why they are important. If you've spent any time chatting with aged single women or on one of the adult women dating sites, you might consider some of them yourself.

This is science

It is a simple fact that with age, the birth rate decreases, and the woman's body goes into a panic mode of survival. In order for a woman to have the best chance of continuing to reproduce, her sex drive is overwhelmed. While her libido soars, the libido of men her age moves towards little blue pills. A young man who is still very sexually active is the answer to this physical need for adult women.

Research has shown that, with the exception of the fact that older women and younger men are more sexually compatible in terms of libido, younger men want more casual sex, just as older women are more likely to have this type of relationship.

It's about the look2

Also, women like younger men because young people are still energetic and they still enjoy discovering new things. Adult gentlemen are physically unable to compete with the life force of a young man. And such men are in their own mood; they have already discovered everything they wanted to discover, and have found a normal existence that many adult ladies find excruciatingly boring.

Good appearance3

Unsurprisingly, young people are physically healthier and more attractive than older men. More mature women take care of themselves and look for a man who does the same. Unfortunately, nature is against older men, and carpet on the back and hair in the nose is not what they would like to see.

girls love younger
girls love younger

Feel good4

The fact that a mature woman is romantically involved with a young man is a great ego boost. She likes that a cute guy who could pick a young girl would rather be with her. Some ladies also enjoy the jealous gazes of older men when they date a young guy, and even the disapproving gazes of those who frown at the age difference.

In the driver's seat5

Control is another reason a woman likes younger men. Since they are older colleagues and have more experience, it often happens that the woman takes control of the situation. Whether this is a subconscious decision remains controversial, but young men are more than happy to be "overwhelmed" by their older partner. For many women who may have had bad experiences in the past, this is the perfect solution.

women prefer younger men
women prefer younger men

Actress Monica Bellucci

No status required6

Times have changed a lot, and gone are the days when a woman would sit at home, wash clothes and cook dinner for her successful man. Unfortunately, adults do not always keep up with the times.

It seems that younger men are not easily intimidated by an older, more successful partner. It's a much bigger compliment when an impressive, successful woman is with you because she wants to be, not because she should be.

No commitment required7

Older women have either made a conscious decision not to marry, or have already taken this path. They are in no hurry to put the ring on their finger or calm down. Younger guys are also less likely to seek this kind of serious commitment too early. The fact that they don't get too much pressure is another reason older women like younger men.

Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron
Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron

Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron

Knowledge is power_8212

Another reason women love young men is because they are busy “teaching” young people how the world works. Let's face it; they have had many years of life experience and it is inevitable that they have certain skills that young people do not have. Young men don't complain either, especially when it comes to learning in the bedroom.

Choosing a path8

Many women meet young men and say they never intended to go down this path; they never actively sought this big age gap, and just naturally gravitated towards them because of their personality. Well, we don't know how true this is - lightning doesn't strike twice. If you continue to date young men, you are clearly looking for certain characteristics that only them have, which may entail all of the above.

There are many theories, but these are the best, generally accepted by all parties involved. We hope you've got some insight into what kind of men women like and why older women prefer younger guys.

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