Who Loves More: A Man Or A Woman? Opinions Of Both Sexes

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Who Loves More: A Man Or A Woman? Opinions Of Both Sexes
Who Loves More: A Man Or A Woman? Opinions Of Both Sexes

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woman kissing friend
woman kissing friend

The argument of lovers about who loves of them more is eternal. In absolutely every pair, a man and a woman are trying to figure out which of them loves more and who loves less. This issue is as interesting as it is controversial, therefore at all times there were two opposition camps: female and male. Representatives of each group, foaming at the mouth, are ready to argue about the same thing - who loves more: a man or a woman.

The content of the article

  • 1 The arguments of men
  • 2 Women's arguments
  • 3 The opinion of scientists

Men’s arguments

Most women strive to be close to a wealthy man. At the same time, they are ready to close their eyes to his unpresentable appearance, bad inclinations and habits, lack of love on his part. Men are not very interested in what their ladies are in material terms, for them the qualities that women possess are much more important.

  • In a love relationship, women like to allow themselves to be loved more than to have strong feelings for their partner. Men, to be sure that their partner is not cheating on him, need to completely trust her, and they can only trust being in love.
  • Selfish women, in love they seek confirmation of their sexuality and irresistibility. For them, love is a way of satisfying their desires, and not a desire to indulge the whims of the chosen one.
  • The rupture of relationships of many men pushes to suicide. Women, however, can only threaten suicide to manipulate a partner.
  • 70% of divorces happen on the initiative of wives.
which gender can love more
which gender can love more
  • Most of the masterpieces of art created by men's hands are dedicated to women. Ladies, even in creativity, are more focused on themselves, other women, their feelings and desires.
  • Women's songs always sing about women, their problems and unrequited feelings. If a man is mentioned in them, then, most likely, as the culprit of all their troubles, a seducer, a traitor and, in general, a "goat" in life.

Male logic is quite “logical”, but, as they say, this is only one side of the coin. It is interesting to listen to the opinion of the female and find out the reasons for their excessive love of love.

Women's arguments2

  • Women are deeply emotional. They perceive any life situation very sensitively. Therefore, such a deep, strong and vivid feeling as love, in no case can leave them indifferent. It is like a typhoon, covering them with their heads.
  • Women are able to love to the point of complete self-denial, but only with those men who can make them happy. History is full of examples when men, driven by some ideology or duty, were ready to sacrifice their loved ones and even their families for the good of a big cause. But among women there were always a lot of "wives of the Decembrists", ready to follow their beloved anywhere and share his fate.
  • Feminism of modern women is not aimed at taking a masculine position in society. He does not even speak, but shouts that strong women need even more courageous males, to whom they will, if not obey, then at least listen.
who loves more man or woman
who loves more man or woman

Women are madly in love with men, because only thanks to them they can reveal their femininity, sensuality and sexuality. Only next to a man can they feel weak, loved and protected

Scientists' opinion3

Speaking about who loves more: men or women, people, without knowing it, are trying to compare two different quantities, such as, for example, the strength of the current and the density of water.

In fact, both women and men love their chosen ones very much, but at the same time, such love manifests itself in each sex in different ways. These behaviors are influenced by the functioning of the brain. For men, the left hemisphere is leading, and for women, the right one.

As you know, the left hemisphere is responsible for logic, concreteness, accuracy and correctness of perception. The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, imagination, visual perception, richness of speech, and emotionality.

From this, we can conclude that male and female representatives may react differently to the same event. However, this does not mean that some sex has a lower sensitivity, just as one hemisphere of the brain is created in order to complement the other, so women's feelings should be complemented by masculine ones, so that their love is more harmonious.

who loves a guy or a girl more
who loves a guy or a girl more

A woman in love is more emotional, she is not looking for a reason for her falling in love. She is more concerned with her own feelings, sensations and their shades, as well as reciprocal love, which should throw wood into her fire of love. Men are more likely to look for specific reasons for their condition and, no doubt, they will find them. After that, they will calm down and they will not even realize that their beloved is waiting for confirmation of feelings in the form of hot confessions or madness.

Is it so important who loves more: a man or a woman? If the couple is still discussing such things as feelings, then the flame of love has not yet gone out. Well, what needs to be done to make a big fire of love? Of course, toss firewood at him.

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