Why Do Men Love Big Women? Is This A Problem?

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Why Do Men Love Big Women? Is This A Problem?
Why Do Men Love Big Women? Is This A Problem?

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Why men love big women
Why men love big women

Different people have different tastes, but some still wonder why men love big women and what they find attractive about them. In fact, a girl who looks after herself, but has some "problems" with being overweight, will not necessarily be deprived of the attention of men. On the contrary, most of the stronger sex prefers cheerful and perky "donuts" rather than cold and skinny snow queens.

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What attracts them

Why do men love big women and what do they find attractive about them? To understand this, it is enough just to hear the opinion of one man:

“I was deliberately looking for a curvy woman, and when I found it, my happiness knew no bounds. She is very sexy, there is something to hold on to. Probably, obese women are subconsciously perceived by men as healthy females capable of procreation, since thin ladies are very often unable to bear offspring due to problems with hormones and lack of menstruation.

Sometimes a plump girl, walking down the street, can hear “ah, what a woman” addressed to her, and these words will be pure truth.

Interesting facts about chubby women2

Some modern ladies still cannot understand why men love big women, because such a figure can hardly be considered sexy. In fact, everything is somewhat different. Sexologists and psychologists have done a lot of research trying to understand what is unattractive when thin and why men love big women and many prefer to date fat girls.

First of all, men note the presence of attractive folds in the fair sex. They are not at all afraid of a slightly plump stomach, legs and even the presence of not strong cellulite. In the modern world of fashion, skinny blondes and brunettes rule, but in life everything is different.

curvy woman
curvy woman

Most advertising agencies have also realized this, and today the word "body positive" is increasingly common. It is interesting that even men who look at models in magazines most often choose chubby, but beautiful girls for life.

It may seem strange, but sometimes men choose fat women for the reason that they turn out to be completely uncomplexed, in contrast to slender models looking for new flaws in themselves every day. Fatties have long understood that there is no need to be ashamed of their own bodies, and accepted themselves as they are.

Oversized models are again in vogue and they are the ones who most often deserve the attention of the opposite sex, their photos are viewed with great pleasure. The fact is that it is these dimensions that are most often found in life, and men want to see a real woman in their life, and not an ideal picture that is slowly turning into an imperfect one. However, it is important that the woman herself feels attractive.

It is interesting that the differences between "plump" and thin women are also found in an intimate sense, so, according to the results of the research, it became clear that ladies in their bodies are more emotional, confident, sexy, have interesting shapes. Such girls often try to be active so as not to seem "wooden", and as a result give odds to thin women.

fat woman
fat woman

From an evolutionary and natural point of view, thin girls have a "hungry" figure and look, which makes them less attractive to men. Modern guys say that they prefer to invite overweight girls to cafes and restaurants, since they are more selective in food and will not order half of the menu at once.

In the United States, an experiment was conducted in which male subjects were shown pictures of girls of different physiques, and asked if they found this or that lady attractive. At the same time, the men themselves were divided into two groups - the first group was well fed, the second was forced to starve. The experiment lasted six hours. Interestingly, the starving men liked chubby girls more.

In this case, the survival mechanism turns on, and overweight girls are better suited for procreation. Interestingly, similar studies have been conducted among hungry women, and they have also shown an interest in chubby men. This is a natural defense mechanism, which means that well-fed people are suitable for everyday life, thin people look beautiful only on the covers of magazines.

It is important for a fat woman to feel confident and not to complain to a man about an unworthy appearance. A fat woman can increase her value in the brides market if she can dress nicely, wear high-heeled shoes, have long beautiful hair, or style it well.

fat woman
fat woman

Knowledge in the sexual sphere of how to please a man will not be superfluous. He will not want to leave such a woman, on the contrary, he will strive with all his might to keep her.

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