Types Of Kisses. How To Show Tenderness And Love For Your Loved Ones?

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Types Of Kisses. How To Show Tenderness And Love For Your Loved Ones?
Types Of Kisses. How To Show Tenderness And Love For Your Loved Ones?

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kisses on the lips
kisses on the lips

One of the most obvious manifestations of feelings is a kiss. Depending on the level of the relationship, different types of kissing can be distinguished.

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  • 1 Kisses as a sign of tenderness and affection
  • 2 Kisses as a manifestation of love and passion

Kisses as a sign of tenderness and affection

People kiss not only their beloved, but also other close people - parents, children, friends and acquaintances. Consider the types of kisses aimed at expressing affection towards a person we like.

  • Kiss on my cheek. For many peoples, for example, Georgians, it is customary to kiss friends on the cheek. In this case, gender is absolutely not important - a man can kiss a friend when he meets. It is also common for women to kiss on the cheek as a sign of greeting. Even with this type of interaction, people make it clear to the opposite sex about their sympathy and openness towards them.
  • Kiss your hands. When meeting or meeting a lady, a kiss on the hand is a sign of respect and attention. This is often how children express their love and respect for their parents.
  • A kiss on the forehead. When one person gives a kiss on the forehead to another, it speaks of a manifestation of care and affection. Parents or close friends often do this.
  • Children are often smacked on the nose. This cute way evokes a storm of positive emotions and a smile.
  • Air kiss does not require physical contact with a partner and helps to express your feelings when there is no way to touch. When flirting with a person you like, such a gesture will make it clear that you are ready for closer communication and direct contact.
  • Interactive kiss. Nowadays, when you can express your feelings using the Internet or text messages, the "electronic kiss" is widespread. It all depends on imagination and habits. You can send a smiley, write "Kisses" or send a picture of a kiss to an important person. So, the person you are unable to kiss right now will find out that you miss him and want to be there.

Kisses as a manifestation of love and passion2

Various kissing techniques can be used to show your loved one the depth of your feelings and emotions. Depending on the situation, the types of kissing can replace one another.

  • A kiss on the lips without the tongue. The beginning of a relationship is a time of shyness and shyness. With the help of such a restrained kiss, you can "test the waters" of the relationship of the half to you. For couples who have long been in close contact, such kisses replace greetings, good morning wishes, and are just a small sign of attention.
  • A passionate kiss with the lips. This type of kiss is also aimed at expressing love feelings. Unlike the previous one, it has a more active form. Lips can lead a partner as well as tongue.
  • What is French Kiss? The most traditional using language. The process of expressing longing desire for your partner. The pace can be very slow, which gives the partner time to enjoy, or passionate and rhythmic.
  • Kiss your tongue with your lips. This is a unique technique of its own kind, helping to fuel the lust between two close partners.
  • Kiss one lip. An unusual type of caresses, in a sense it is a game, an intrigue. It is perfectly used as a dilution of the standard "passionate" kiss.
types of kisses
types of kisses
  • The kiss of the "lizards". In this case, the interaction takes place with the help of the tips of the tongues. Most of the nerve endings and receptors are located at the end of the tongue. Thus, partners turn on each other even more than with a usual kiss.
  • A kiss on the neck. There are usually many erogenous zones on the neck. In order to deliver heavenly pleasure to your half, do not lose sight of this nuance.
  • A kiss in the ear. It can be both a sign of tenderness and passion. It all depends on the rhythm and duration, as well as on the involvement of the tongue and lips.
  • Kiss on the stomach. A very intimate form of manifestation of passionate impulses, on the one hand. From another point of view, spouses often kiss pregnant women on the tummy, thus expressing their love for the unborn baby and his mother.
  • The bite during the kiss clearly demonstrates the desire to possess the partner entirely this minute. The main thing is that this impulse does not bring painful and unpleasant sensations to the second half.
  • Rain of kisses. A kind of intimate play, when a partner literally showered kisses on your body, paying attention to every cell of the body. It means that you completely belong to a person and he is ready to love you completely.
  • Eskimo Kiss. Perhaps the most obvious sign of tenderness is a kiss with the tips of the noses. A very unusual kind of manifestation of love and tenderness in relation to a loved one.
intimate kissing games
intimate kissing games

The types of kissing are so diverse that it is difficult to list all the possible variations. Most couples manage to add something new from themselves to existing techniques. This is how more and more new types of love manifestations appear. Such as "the kiss of spiderman" or "kiss of superman", based on vivid scenes from the movies of the same name. The main thing is to feel your partner and wish him with all your heart.

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