Friendzone Forever? How To Get Out Of Friendships?

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Friendzone Forever? How To Get Out Of Friendships?
Friendzone Forever? How To Get Out Of Friendships?
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How to get out of friendships
How to get out of friendships

A strong relationship starts with friendship. But it is not uncommon that for a girl, friendship is the final stop of relationships with the opposite sex. Often, girls do not see their male friends as a possible lover, lover or husband.

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And the guys are trying so desperately and unsuccessfully to get out of this suffocating friend zone. Or they peacefully accept friendship, missing out on every opportunity to develop closer interaction. If you try, take your will into a fist, be patient, there is not a small chance of growing from a good friend to a lover.

In addition, it is worth examining the question of what a girls' friend zone is in order to develop an action plan.

Honesty and Confidence

First of all, honesty to yourself. Is the man satisfied with the friendship, if not, then as whom he considers his girlfriend. As a girlfriend, wife, mother of their children, or just a temporary mistress. Maybe he is simply attracted by her appetizing forms, and he knows that the relationship will not go further than one night. If a guy is in love and wants to be in a romantic relationship with a girl, it's time to take the bull by the horns.

Exactly. Women, no matter what they say about gentle and sensual men, love confident, stubborn and persistent suitors. There is no need to amuse yourself with the hope that after a while she herself will look at a friend from a different angle. Will not look. She will not suddenly see in him the man she has dreamed of all her life. If she hasn’t seen it yet, then she won’t notice it in 10 years. Therefore, a man needs to act.

To be self-confident. You cannot lower your self-esteem by guessing that, perhaps, he is not worthy of such a wonderful Elena the Beautiful. Worthy. And the point. She should see a solid male core, a confident look, a careless, but at the same time, exuding strength, manner of body movements.

And you have to be honest with her. A man, first of all, is a friend. Therefore, she rightly expects only honesty and sincerity from him. Anything faked will subside over time, and she will be disappointed. And of course, you should not hide your true intentions from her. It is best to communicate your sympathy to her in a relaxed, appropriate environment. Therefore, the first step is to ask out on a date.

First date2

Here you can cheat a little. Invite her for a walk, to the cinema, or dine at a cafe. It is best to leave the choice of location to her. So the man will make it clear that she is important to him, and not the entertainment itself. If the girl also cannot decide on a meeting place, you can offer her neutral territory.

Friendship turns to love
Friendship turns to love

For example, a walk in the park. It is important to make it clear to the girl that she wants her company. Once the seat is selected, the man needs to take on the planning (eg, book a table in advance, buy tickets). Think over the continuation of the evening. Do not walk in the park for 4-6 hours in a row. Where to eat, where to go for a drive. All points must be taken into account in advance.

And yes. You have to spend money on a girl. Friends do not spend money on each other, they equally share dinner and throw off on pizza. If a guy is caring for a girl, all expenses should be on him. The girl will certainly note this. She will be pleased to feel herself behind a man's back. Let her not show it.

The first date requires the utmost care from a man. A man should start a conversation himself, make a girl laugh. Ask about her wishes and fulfill them. Surround her with attention, courtesy and care. Light touches are encouraged - touch the hand, lightly stroke the shoulder, correct the curl that has got out of the hair. These small gestures have a romantic touch and are not too intrusive to scare a girl.

Romantic relationship
Romantic relationship

Towards the end of the date, you can tell her about your feelings. But no need to dump the dry "I like you, let's be together." First, you should hint about her beauty, cute features that once hooked and so attract a man.

Smoothly move to the fact that his girlfriend is not indifferent to him, and he will seek her attention. In this case, you can hold her hand. But not more. You don't need to kiss. The girl will be moved and a little embarrassed by the recognition, then you can leave a weightless kiss on her cheek.

Don't Relax 3

Do you think that after the first date the girl will melt and become yours forever? No, no. We cannot stop there. This is just the first step, which may have melted the ice a little. A man needs to enter a girl's life. To be around, to invite on dates, to give flowers, with or without him.

Inquire about her health, be interested in her family, work, hobbies. You also need to introduce it into your life. Talk about work, your hobbies. Take her to the games of your favorite team and concerts of your favorite singers.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the movie "Friendship Sex"

Introduce her to friends. This is an important step. Girls know how strong and valuable male friendship is. Meeting a man's friends will show her how firm his intentions are. Friends are like family. The guy will not bring into the circle of friends the one with whom he does not plan anything serious.

Confidence, honesty and sincerity are three pillars on which the beginning and continuation of a relationship is built. A little patience and perseverance - and the cocktail "she's yours" is ready.

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