Towards The Unknown: How To Start And Build A Strong Relationship

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Towards The Unknown: How To Start And Build A Strong Relationship
Towards The Unknown: How To Start And Build A Strong Relationship
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how to start a new relationship
how to start a new relationship

People converge and diverge. So it is. In search of ideal relationships, a person converges, tries, relishes. In the event of insurmountable obstacles, a person leaves or is abandoned. And here he is, free, looking for new romantic adventures. And everything starts all over again. Is it so easy to start a new relationship? Accept another person and trust him completely? No, it’s difficult. But the difficulties are given in order to cope with them. And so, we are preparing for a new relationship.

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  • 1 Take out old rubbish from the hut
  • 2 Take out a lesson
  • 3 Time
  • 4 Calm
  • 5 Be yourself

Remove old rubbish from the hut

Before you let a new person into your life, you need to let go of the old. Outdated and long-term relationships are not worth attention and constant thoughts. Gifts given once by a loved one, even they are not worth collecting dust in the house. Women will say - memory. No, not a memory, but a reminder. Items stored as unnecessary ballast, which once again remind of another, past, person.

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They remind you of warm and intimate moments (perhaps they are stored for this). They also remind you of the pain associated with the breakup, resentment and mistakes. This is absolutely not something to carry into a new relationship. A new connection requires the creation of new memories, new symbols of love. If the old love is no longer there, why are the old symbols? This applies not only to toys, pendants and other knickknacks. Everything can be taken out - painful memories, constant analysis and search for the reasons for parting. It has already taken place. You need to let go. Otherwise, the new will not find a worthy place either in thoughts or in the heart.

Take out a lesson2

The only thing worth keeping from past relationships is a lesson. It took so much time to analyze the former connection. These reflections take place in the first few days, maybe weeks. And that's all. The result of intense thoughts is a conclusion. In the future, only a conclusion should remain with a person. A list of the mistakes that partners made. Situations when she gave up slack, and the confidence that she will not allow this anymore.

new relationship
new relationship

Behavior, manners, yourself and your ex. All the things she needed to work on. All that she no longer wants to see and endure in future relationships. All. A dry list on a sturdy shelf in my head. No emotions, no regrets. No "if only".

Time 3

It takes time to get dry from past relationships. For all those soul-eating experiences to sink into oblivion, it takes a sufficient amount of time. You should not start a relationship immediately after breaking up old ones or very soon. All those painful memories and experiences will not have time to disappear. They will not have time to add up to one dry list.

A person needs to "ventilate". Yes, to ventilate your body and thoughts from the residue of past relationships. The early introduction of new rights and responsibilities will further undermine an already vulnerable state. A person will involuntarily begin to compare and analyze two people and two different situations. This means that he will not be able to fully accept and plunge into new sensations with pleasure. Relationships don't have to start with rehab.

start of relationship
start of relationship

Rehabilitation should be long before them. How to rehabilitate? Get distracted. Travel, do creative work, make long-term plans and dreams come true. Take care of yourself - study, develop, engage in active sports, rake stagnant work stuff. She looks after herself - do not skimp on good creams and decorative cosmetics, use the services of cosmetologists and masseurs. How to rehabilitate? Live. Without fear of being alone. With clear intentions for self-improvement and self-love.

You need to give yourself time in order to understand a couple of simple truths. Who does she see herself in the future? With whom does she see herself in the future? Clearly and in detail, with paragraphs and subparagraphs, by answering at least two of these questions, a person will face a clear understanding of the desired future. This means that he already knows who he wants to see next to him, what qualities a person should have and what not. This means that readiness for new relationships and conquests is rapidly maturing.

Tranquility 4

There is no need to be afraid of new relationships. Many people, being in search of their soul mate, believe that they are ready to enter into a new relationship. When things get serious, fear and panic set in. What if it will be the same? Or worse? Maybe I'm not the same? If it doesn't work out, it will also hurt - so the alarmist thinks. Well, dear, it is worth referring to the above points so as not to be afraid and to be confident in your desires.

new guy
new guy

Be yourself5

When possible relationships are on the horizon, there is no need to be afraid. Throw yourself into the abyss of new feelings without fear! Prerequisites: openness, honesty, sincerity. No need to rush into a relationship out of spite, as revenge or distraction.

Be open and honest. This greatly increases the chances of developing sympathy and affection. Of course, a new relationship should start out warmly and openly. Misunderstandings and secrets, imitation of feelings and interest never led to "happily ever after."

But how to start a relationship again, you should find out in our article further on the link.

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