How To Understand That A Girl Has Chosen The "wrong" Guy

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How To Understand That A Girl Has Chosen The "wrong" Guy
How To Understand That A Girl Has Chosen The "wrong" Guy

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Girl and boy
Girl and boy

People so often rush into new relationships, calling it love at first sight and passion. Cases when a person “instinctively” feels his mate that he does not want to waste time on empty pastime are very rare. Sometimes relationships become obsolete, people realize that they do not fit each other and break up.

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Sometimes there are other situations when, despite the inconvenience and dissatisfaction with their relationship, people continue to meet, and even get married. So the whole life goes on, in torment with the "wrong" partner. Therefore, it is very important to understand in time that a person is not the one who is needed. To do this, it is worth analyzing your relationship and paying attention to a few details.

He doesn't breathe like that

Exactly. Everything in a person begins to irritate, literally every little thing. I would like to make a comment about the fact that he does not sit well, chews too loudly, leaves a lot of drops on the mirror. All these little things add up to sheer daily nervousness.

All people, starting a life together, must get used to and adapt to each other's habits. And now, over time, these habits become boring, become familiar, imperceptible, correct. If a person is not the same, then his habits and manners, on the contrary, cause more and more irritability. It's okay if there are 1-2 of them, and this is really the wrong manners (eating in bed or not lifting the toilet seat).

Then the way out of the situation is a frank conversation, during which the woman explains the unacceptability of this behavior and the man agrees. If this is a lot of ridiculous little things, it is worth considering whether the person himself is annoying with his presence in her life.

Not herself2

With "his" people, with friends and family, a person is what he is. Close and dear environment knows real laughter, a strange sense of humor, fears, human experiences. So with a loved one, you want to be yourself. Laugh at silly jokes without fear of being ridiculed or condemned for a flat mind. Cry over touching ads, not afraid to seem strangely sentimental. Do not be afraid to express fears and worries, knowing that they will be listened to.

the girl chose the wrong guy
the girl chose the wrong guy

With the wrong partner, a girl cannot reveal her real self. With him, she always keeps the brand of a real lady, cooks on schedule, has sex in strictly learned poses. Something keeps her sincerity locked up. Here it is important to understand what makes her refrain from revealing her true face? Your own stiffness in front of people? This means that it always happens, with any acquaintance.

And we must look for the reasons in ourselves. Or is it the closeness of the partner that makes the woman respond in kind? Maybe this is distrust and fear of inadequate reaction and fading of feelings in front of her real "I"? Then how can a person be called “the same” if he is not trusted? This implies the following statement.

Meeting friends, parents3

It will not be. People who are closed from each other do not want to introduce partners to their friends and family. They do not want to introduce a person to people in whose society they feel comfortable and free. They think this is wrong and inappropriate.

Lack of trust also blocks people from getting to know their families. If a person cannot entrust his experiences to another, how can he entrust his loved ones?

chose the wrong guy
chose the wrong guy

Sometimes there are other situations when a man, for some unknown reason, does not want to become part of a female friendly company. And all the time he evades meeting his parents. This is a wake-up call. Either the guy is not serious, or he hides his "I" behind seven seals.

Not interesting4

As it turned out, there is nothing to talk about with the person. Not in the sense that he is stupid and uneducated. It's just that young people have no common interests, there are no points of mental contact. Yes, they can exchange thoughts about the weather, the latest sports news and that's it. There are no heated debates and debates on this or that topic.

There is no interesting discussion of a sensational news or a book you like. People are not even interested in each other's non-work interests. And in the abyss of relationships, they sometimes forget about their own. Such relationships do not develop and drag partners down. Maybe it's time to stop?

Too Much of It5

And this happens, and very often. A woman is tired of the company of her young man. Despite the fact that he does not require attention from her 24/7, he does not block out communication with friends, work and leisure. The girl does not miss his company. The prolonged evening of the date seems to her unacceptably long. Instead of enjoying her partner, she thinks about how she could take a warm bath and lie down in a soft bed, finish work or watch a new episode of her favorite TV series.

how to understand that you have chosen the wrong one
how to understand that you have chosen the wrong one

The unexpected cancellation of the meeting is accompanied by her relieved exhalation. The very presence of a person begins to crush. And a woman relaxes only in the absence of a man. Many women who have been married for several years often say: “I am glad when he goes on a business trip. And when he comes back, I look forward to the next one. " There she is. Terminal station. Please get out of the car.

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