Is Love For A Friend's Ex-girlfriend A Betrayal Or A Norm?

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Is Love For A Friend's Ex-girlfriend A Betrayal Or A Norm?
Is Love For A Friend's Ex-girlfriend A Betrayal Or A Norm?

Video: Is Love For A Friend's Ex-girlfriend A Betrayal Or A Norm?

Video: Is Love For A Friend's Ex-girlfriend A Betrayal Or A Norm?
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Love for a friend's ex-girlfriend
Love for a friend's ex-girlfriend

The relationship between men and women in all ages and eras caused many controversies. However, just like a thousand years ago, there are no definite guidelines on how to build a relationship or how to maintain it. Everything is individual in each case. And Mrs. Love, as you know, is also a joker and often puts people in front of very difficult decisions.

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  • 1 A long-standing passion
  • 2 He still loves her
  • 3 They can still be together
  • 4 Love or friendship
  • 5 Norm or betrayal
  • 6 There is always a chance

One of these mysteries over which modern men are puzzling is the feelings that flared up in you for your best friend's ex-girlfriend. And, believe me, it will not be easy to solve this dilemma. There may be several options for the development of events.

A long-standing passion

You've always liked this girl. From the very day when your best friend introduced you to his chosen one, you realized that this is how you imagined the girl of your dreams. But, to go against your friend and beat off his girlfriend is not at all in your rules. Therefore, you always hid your feelings, afraid to admit them even to yourself.

But now, the moment came when they parted and the girl was free. But why are cats scratching in your soul and you feel an incomprehensible sense of guilt before your comrade? And whether you have the right to strike up a relationship with his former lover. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to these questions, since many aspects of such a relationship are completely ambiguous.

He still loves her2

If your friend broke up with his woman, this does not mean at all that he no longer has any feelings for her. It is possible that love lives in his heart to this day. And the fact that you proudly call him your best friend does not at all mean that he is obliged to devote you to all his innermost secrets.

This is especially true of cases when it was the woman who initiated the breakup. Few men enjoy admitting defeat, even to their best friend. So imagine such a situation that you start caring for his ex-girlfriend and he, completely outwardly not showing this, suffers from your relationship. Do not forget that love has no expiration date, and your friend can love her even after a decade.

They can still be together3

Your friend's and his girlfriend's expense can be short-lived. It is possible that they just need to take a break from their feelings, reflect on relationships, and reassess their life priorities.

about love for a friend's ex-girlfriend
about love for a friend's ex-girlfriend

Just imagine, they parted, and, it would seem, do not communicate, and then you appear on the horizon with your feelings. In most cases, a girl, especially if she is offended by her former companion, can favorably accept the signs of attention shown by you. But put yourself in the shoes of your friend and imagine his reaction. Would you like such a statement of the question?

Love or friendship4

No matter how sad it is to talk about it, you are unlikely to succeed in combining love for your friend's ex-girlfriend and your friendship (even if it continues from the kindergarten sandbox). In any case, you have to choose, and the choice will be oh how difficult.

Either you stay with the girl you like and break the bonds of long-term friendship, or you do not pay attention to the outbreak of feelings, sincerely adhering to the point of view that male friendship is above all.

Norm or betrayal5

Even if years have passed after your best friend has broken up with his ex-girlfriend, being an owner by nature, in most cases he will consider your behavior a betrayal of your friendship.

about love for a friend's ex-woman
about love for a friend's ex-woman

Ask this question to yourself and listen to the answer of your soul. You yourself would hardly tolerate a friend's relationship with your ex-girlfriend. So why then should he take it normally.

You should not destroy what you and your friend have been building for so many years. Take a look around, there are a huge number of girls worthy of your attention. So why stop your choice on your friend's former darling.

After all, if you are with her, then with her and your friend you will not be able to go on vacation and sit by the fire. It is unlikely that you will visit each other and baptize your children. Most likely, in his eyes you will forever remain a traitor, and even worse, a vulture who fell in love with his ex-girlfriend.

There is always a chance6

Well, as always, there are exceptions to each rule. It is quite possible that after a certain time - a month, a year or five, your friend has a new girlfriend and perhaps even a wife. You are confident in their feelings. With his ex, he either remained on friendly terms, or does not communicate at all.

love for a friend's ex-girlfriend
love for a friend's ex-girlfriend

In this case, you, of course, can try your luck and try to establish a relationship with her. But, naturally, before making such an important decision for you and your friendship, it is worth talking to a heart-to-heart friend. Who knows, maybe he will give you a frank answer.