Features Of A Masculine Character That You Cannot Change

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Features Of A Masculine Character That You Cannot Change
Features Of A Masculine Character That You Cannot Change

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the man
the man

Most women who are firmly convinced of the omnipotent power of Her Majesty Love, completely in vain believe that they can change in their beloved all his bad habits. Unfortunately, this is not the case in practice. And, if you see the flaws of your loved one already at the initial stage of the relationship, think carefully.

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  • 2 Selfishness
  • 3 Moral values
  • 4 His past
  • 5 Humor

You have only two ways - to accept him as he is, or to disperse immediately, without having time to finally become attached to him. There is no third. So what are the most often unsuccessful attempts to "fight" with lovely ladies and you among them?

Bad habits

It is no secret that in the modern world many men are firmly stuck in a web of bad habits. Probably the most harmless of them is smoking. Although, if you can't stand tobacco smoke, it will be very difficult to live with it. But, there are addictions much worse than nicotine addiction. We are talking about drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to gambling.

If you think that a guy will give up everything for the sake of love for you, you are very wrong. This is just unreal. A visit to a specialist will also change a number of things. Neither your tears, nor scandals, nor ultimatums will solve the problem. You can only stop the situation for a short time, for example, "encode" a guy who loves to kiss the bottle. However, you should always be prepared for the fact that in a certain stressful situation he will break down and everything will start anew. So, do not please yourself with vain illusions and decide for yourself personally, are you ready to live on a powder keg?

Selfishness 2

This trait is more or less present in everyone. But, if your boyfriend has an increased level of selfishness, you will not be able to retrain him one hundred percent. He will never put your interests above his own. All his actions and deeds will be aimed exclusively at satisfying the desires and needs of "oneself beloved."


You can, of course, assume such a development of events when a guy is madly in love with you. But, his attempts will change and try to curb his egoism, as much as he wants it, is unlikely to be crowned with success for a long time. This trait is embedded deep in the subconscious and, often, it comes from childhood. And it is impossible to fight this. Are you ready to live with an egoist? Then go for it.

Moral values ​​3

At the beginning of the relationship, many couples, completely in vain, do not pay attention to the difference in views. Of course, it's only natural that when you fall in love, you simply don't emphasize that you and your boyfriend have different political and religious views. It seems so insignificant. But, subsequently, this is what can provoke more than one scandal and even lead to a complete break in relations.

The same is true for views on family relationships, children, preferences in interests. For example, it is unlikely that you, being a homebody and a book lover, will be able to live for a long time with an incorrigible lover of extreme sports, who cannot imagine their life without descending steep mountain slopes without insurance or playing with trained cobras.

So, decide whether you are ready to come to terms with the interests and preferences of your boyfriend, whether you are ready to live with it, realizing that you cannot change anything.

His past4

Another circumstance that you cannot change is his past. Here we are talking not only about previous novels, but also about many other, often quite important circumstances.

man's past
man's past

Even if your boyfriend does not have such a terrible "skeleton in the closet" as the time spent for the murder of his previous girlfriend, it is quite possible that his life story contains other, hard-hitting stories that he most likely will not want to remember.

If you know these nuances, accept the fact that you can never change anything. Here is one option, accept it with all the past successes and mistakes and continue to live on. If it seems to you that you cannot do this, you are not on the way.

Humor 5

If you think that this component of your boyfriend's character is not particularly important in a relationship, you are very much mistaken. For couples whose sense of humor is different, living together is very, very difficult.

If your boyfriend is an inveterate comedian and jokes always and everywhere, you definitely won't be able to retrain him. But if your own character does not imply a desire to laugh at things around the clock almost around the clock, you will definitely not be able to live together for a long time. Sooner or later, the relationship will start to annoy him or you. So, for be ready to live your life with a humorist, or break off the relationship right away.

male habits
male habits

So, starting a relationship with a guy, take a good look at him, and be ready to come to terms with his character, to accept him as he is. Never attribute to yourself the capabilities of a good sorceress who, with one wave of a magic wand, can change everything that does not suit her. Are you ready to live with him? Live. Are you hoping to change it and adjust it "for yourself"? Forget and look for a life partner that suits you.

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