What A Mature Relationship Becomes After A Year

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What A Mature Relationship Becomes After A Year
What A Mature Relationship Becomes After A Year
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You met the girl of your dreams, moreover, you managed to get to know her and start a serious relationship. It is no secret that during this year the relationship will go through several stages, each of which is characterized by its own specific features. So what is the first year of the relationship, and what they become after it.

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  • 2 The beginning of difficulties
  • 3 Tricks of family life
  • 4 A year later

Candy-bouquet period

If we consider the first year of the relationship (note that we are talking about living together and not just about periodic dates), then, undoubtedly, the so-called candy-bouquet period is the most pleasant in it.

Partners are fascinated with each other and simply do not notice any mutual flaws at all (unfortunately, this applies even to those cases when they are significant). You give her flowers, you go for walks together, to the movies and restaurants. At the same time, additional charm is brought by the fact that you fall asleep and wake up together too. And at this time it is very important and brings incredible pleasure to both. It's like in the famous song “how nice it is to fall asleep together, and even more pleasant to wake up”. You are always together and there is no need to count the minutes until the time when one of you has to go home.

Couples like everything about each other. Many at this time say the following words: "I love how he (she) eats, sleeps, dresses, walks …". The most interesting thing is that at this time even the snoring of a loved one does not irritate at all (which cannot be said about the subsequent time, when it not only becomes noticeable, but also does not allow the partner to sleep).

The beginning of difficulties2

When two or three months have passed after the couple began to live together, the first difficulties of such a very young family life begin. She begins to notice socks scattered around the apartment, unwashed mugs and a trash can, once again forgotten “on a trip to the street bin”.

At the same time, you begin to notice too sweet coffee, oversalted eggs, wrinkled linen and untimely washed shirts. This period is very dangerous in the first year of marriage. This is only later, having lived together for a longer period of time, partners can make comments to each other in a more humorous form (some do not make comments at all, but simply correct the "faults" on their own).

relationship a year later
relationship a year later

But, it is precisely in the first months of the relationship that there is a danger that the couple will begin to quarrel and scandalize precisely about banal everyday troubles. Unfortunately, many couples break up during this period, having failed to keep the ship of family life afloat.

Only those who really love, appreciate and respect their soulmate stand here and are ready for her beloved (his beloved) to correct some of their shortcomings. Reciprocity is extremely important here. The whole secret is that if she starts to cook deliciously, iron and wash on time, and he will not change at all at this time, and will continue to decorate the parquet floor of the apartment with dirty socks scattered in a checkerboard pattern - nothing will change and constant scandals sooner or later will lead to a complete rupture.

If love combined with mutual respect can win, the couple's relationship moves to the next, already more stable stage.

Tricks of family life3

relationship tricks
relationship tricks

Yes, strange as it may seem, but the third and final stage of family life can be safely called that way. In addition to the fact that both partners, out of a sense of mutual respect, have already learned "not to rub salt on the wound" to each other, they also got some cunning skills. What are we talking about? Everything is very simple, he perfectly understands what mood she is in (and vice versa) and when it is possible to "play a little" a little - not to cook dinner, not to make the bed, not to take out the bin on time.

At the same time, there will be no quarrel, let alone a scandal. On the contrary, if dinner is not prepared, the couple can quite calmly “remember the past” and go to dinner at the nearest restaurant. At this stage, there are practically no mutual reproaches, relations are stabilized.

A year later4

So the first year of marriage has passed. The couple's relationship is already quite stable. HE and SHE are already accustomed to each other's habits, know their minor flaws and try not to irritate their partner with them. It is believed that if the first joint year is lived, the family will forever remain together.

Why change anything and look for a new partner, if both are already completely used to each other. They are united by love and mutual respect, and the year they lived together in earnest strengthened their relationship.

relationship one year
relationship one year

And how many manage to live together this first year and keep the relationship. To be honest, not everyone. To increase the chances of a successful family life, do not rush and start living together too quickly. The chances of success are much greater for the couple who met for a long period of time before moving in and were able to get to know each other better even before starting a common life.

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