Masturbation: The Lot Of Single People Or Those Who Are Happy With A Partner?

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Masturbation: The Lot Of Single People Or Those Who Are Happy With A Partner?
Masturbation: The Lot Of Single People Or Those Who Are Happy With A Partner?

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For some reason, it is generally accepted that masturbation was invented for acne teenagers (some are sure that acne is precisely because of it) or for dissatisfied women and unhappy loners that no one wants. And so these unwanted strata of the population have no choice but to be given love with themselves. In fact, everything is almost the opposite.

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  • 2 Now about the relationship

Of course, we will not talk about teenage masturbation - everyone once went through it with more or less passion and enthusiasm. Nobody's hands were covered with hair, and acne, as we now guess, is not at all connected with this phenomenon.

Let's reflect on the delights that this activity can bring to adulthood and how it can affect the relationship as a couple. Perhaps for some it will be a real revelation, but for couples, masturbation is very important.

First about the charms

Perhaps you are a serious person, busy at work, you have a huge responsibility at work and at home, and you have not been doing stupid things like masturbation for a long time. And in vain! It's time to return to adolescence and remember how it was. It is adult serious people who often need emotional release, the ability to disconnect from everything and let the whole world wait outside the door.

Yes, yes, yes, in the middle of the working day, nothing prevents you from locking the door for five minutes, hanging a sign “masturbation break” outside, and allowing your mind and body, and at the same time, the brain to completely reboot. You can't even imagine what a tonic effect a small but very sweet orgasm in the middle of a working day will have on you.

It can be compared in its magical effect only with sound healthy sleep. But it takes at least half an hour to sleep, or better - an hour and a half, to feel rested and refreshed, and masturbation with enough experience will take about five minutes.

sexy girl
sexy girl

It's actually not so easy for beginners to be able to disconnect so much from work issues and from colleagues at the door. No wonder the word is somehow consonant with meditation! Requires the same skill to withdraw into oneself. Deep. Believe me, if in a stressful situation you replace sedative drugs or alcohol with masturbation, you will notice the positive effect very quickly!

In what situations is masturbation useful? Literally any. If you have the opportunity to retire for a few minutes, this is a very good habit. Stress at work, quarrels at home, big problems and minor troubles, overwork, feeling unwell are just the first situations that come to mind in which masturbation can be a great way to distract and switch.

In addition to physical impact, it also has an excellent effect on self-esteem. In your fantasies, the hand that caresses you may not belong to you at all, but to any person, even your own boss! Anyway, no one will know, but you are pleased!

Now about relationships2

Who said that only lonely people can masturbate ?! And those who are in a relationship are not people or what? Why can't they?


Let's start with the fact that a husband or wife can get sick, go on a business trip or visit mom. And what is celibacy now? And if for a long time? Why can't you afford to enjoy yourself? What's bad about it? That's right - nothing, so masturbate to your health.

Married or married people experience stress no less often than single people, or even more often, such a natural and safe way to discharge, not being able to apply only on the basis that the other half is waiting at home is not constructive. Half of this not only will not lose anything, but will also gain, since she will not have to cope with the consequences of stress in the form of quarrels and scandals.

By the way, who came up with the idea that masturbation should be done alone? If a wife fondles herself looking at her husband playing tanks, who will feel bad about it? Firstly, the wife will also be in business, and secondly, perhaps the husband will change the direction of the offensive and go into the attack in a completely different place.

It should be noted here that in the opposite direction it is not always good - if the husband masturbates while watching his wife wash the floor … well, it does not necessarily end as well. But to look at how she embroiders, watches a TV series or paints her nails, yes, you can. True, the nails may have to be painted again later, and someone will have to scrape off the varnish from the back. But it's worth it!


And so much unknown can bring mutual masturbation! Not just caressing each other, but attentive satisfaction of your partner. This is a great way to get closer, learn to trust, feel each other. Tune in to your partner's body, learn to play it like a musical instrument, achieving the right sound and climax - orgasm, isn't this one of the most important conditions for a long and lasting relationship?

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