Saving Family And Relationships For The Sake Of The Child: Is It Right?

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Saving Family And Relationships For The Sake Of The Child: Is It Right?
Saving Family And Relationships For The Sake Of The Child: Is It Right?

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Studies show that more than 33% of married couples end their relationship before their 20th anniversary. If the couple has a child, it becomes more difficult to file a divorce. Based on the same studies, it has been proven that spouses with children feel less happy than without them. The question is: are attempts to keep the family justified solely for the sake of children and for whom is it useful?

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  • 1 Children think they cause parental fights
  • 2 Relationships can still be saved

Comparison of children with sponges that absorb negative emotions characterizes their role in family relationships in the best possible way. Whether the parents like it or not, the child constantly monitors their actions, unconsciously projecting such behavior. It is clear that they always feel when the family has problems, tense relationships. If these relationships are always tense, the child may face negative consequences associated with his psyche.

Some experts believe that many couples who choose to stay in a relationship because of their children are looking forward to seeing their children grow up and start living separately. After that, nothing keeps them in the family, and you can break off the relationship. Unfortunately, simulating family stability can backfire, affecting a child's psyche.

Family relationships often develop into open hostility, which forms in children low self-esteem, hostility, aggression, emotional instability, and irresponsibility. None of these characteristics will ensure the child's success, self-realization, arrangement of a happy romantic relationship in the future.

Observing how the parents' relations develop, the child has before his eyes a picture of marriage, which he will take as a basis in the future. So, romance will become just a word for him, unacceptable for family relationships, mutual respect will seem the lot of utopias, and happiness - the antonym of the word "family".

Children think they are causing parental fights

Children are self-centered. They believe that everything in the world revolves around them. Therefore, they are convinced that conflicts, unhealthy communication patterns, quarrels, violence, raising their voices, slamming the door happen only because of them.

They pass all this through their own "I", blaming themselves for all the troubles. Often, conflicts arise due to misunderstandings between parents, but the child is not aware of this.

Problems can relate exclusively to personal life. Often, couples who decide to live together for the sake of children sleep in separate beds, and sex with each other seems disgusting to them. They relieve tension with other people or do not relieve it at all. A child has to live in a tense atmosphere.

to keep the family for the sake of the child is it necessary
to keep the family for the sake of the child is it necessary

It is important to communicate with the child on any topic in order to prevent the formation of isolation, secrecy. Open quarrels with a partner should not be unleashed in the presence of the child, but rather try to resolve issues in private.

Relationships Can Be Saved2

Imagine you don't have a child. Is there something holding you back in this relationship? Do you have a grain of doubt? Do you need a divorce or is there a chance to fix the situation?

If the couple is not sure that divorce is the only way out for the family, they can try to save the marriage. American scientists recommend setting a trial period for marriage and goals to be achieved during this period.

By working constantly, steadily moving from one goal to another, the family will be able to improve relationships. By setting a time frame, you can achieve results and measure them.

is it necessary to save the family for the sake of the child
is it necessary to save the family for the sake of the child

The goal should be taken to establish trusting relationships based on mutual respect, understanding and love. It is worth more often to go with the whole family to the cinema, bowling, cafes and other places to converge interests, create shared memories.

To improve a love relationship, you should initially discuss what everyone dislikes about their partner and what they would like to change. It would not hurt to add variety to sexual relations: new poses, attributes (handcuffs, bandages, toys), places.

Staying together will serve as a perfect example for the child if parents constantly work to develop healthy relationships. He will understand that family life is not just living under one roof, but also daily work that requires wisdom, endurance, the ability to compromise, and support.

He will also learn these qualities that will help him in arranging his future personal life. Only if there are noticeable improvements from the conditional probation period can it be concluded that being together still makes sense. Each couple independently chooses the duration of this period.

keep the family for the sake of the child
keep the family for the sake of the child

If the relationship is based only on raising a child, without any other reason to be together, it is better to file for divorce and not break the fate of three people at once. There will be no happiness and prosperity in such a family, and the sacrifice of oneself for the sake of the child will remain unjustified.

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