An Easy Way To Get Your Love Back In Life After A Breakup

An Easy Way To Get Your Love Back In Life After A Breakup
An Easy Way To Get Your Love Back In Life After A Breakup

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a heart
a heart

Personal dramas are known to lead to stress and weaken cardiovascular activity. At the same time, positive thinking is the basis for better well-being.

How to quickly cope with the blow of fate in the form of a betrayal of a partner or a break in relations? Psychologists advise you to concentrate on yourself, take time with work, and the rest of your free hours - with sports. Or go on a trip.

University of Arizona staff can add one more tip to the standard set. Following which, by the way, will eliminate the need to dramatically change the rhythm of life.

The results are published in the Physiosomatics section of the medical journal Biobehavioral. They tested the performance of 109 people who faced divorce approximately 3 months before the study.

People were divided into 3 groups, the participants of each kept a diary:

  1. The first group wrote only about their own experiences about the breakup.
  2. The second set out a description of her feelings, but consistently - from the moment the relationship began to the end.
  3. The third shared stories of everyday life in her diary, out of emotional context.

The records were to be kept for 20 minutes during the whole three days.

The physical condition of the participants in the experiment was assessed before the test and after 8 months. It was found that people from the second group, who described the story of the beginning and end of love in a logical sequence, demonstrated better health status:

  1. More stable SSD performance.
  2. Good level of adaptation to stress.
how to get over a breakup
how to get over a breakup

After that, the scientists concluded:

When a person writes down their thoughts in a narrative line, it helps them structure their experiences and changes their feelings from negative to constructive.

Otherwise, there is a faster assimilation of the passed stage and there is an incentive to go further than with chaotic memories or concentration only on feelings and emotions.

There are no long-term research results yet, however, it is clear that the debriefing in the diary does help people to cope with the breakup situation faster.

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