Skin Care Products Trigger Early Puberty

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Skin Care Products Trigger Early Puberty
Skin Care Products Trigger Early Puberty

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Early puberty in the media is often associated with acceleration. But, hormonal disorders are the cornerstone of the trend. In any case, children and their parents are not happy about the early start of puberty. But do mothers know that, perhaps, unwittingly they themselves become involved in this status of their offspring?

Creams, tonics, gels and lotions - even neutral, natural and hypoallergenic, contain chemicals.

The latter, in turn, includes substances:

  • phthalates;
  • parabens;
  • phenols.

It turned out that the listed components, entering the body of a pregnant woman through the skin, if accidentally swallowed or inhaled, provoke hormonal disturbances in the fetus in the womb and contribute to early puberty.

Research stages

Pregnant women were tracked.

  • In 90% of expectant mothers, chemicals were found in urine tests.
  • After 9 years, 338 daughters of these mothers were invited for examination and taken for blood and urine tests.
  • The girls showed premature puberty ahead of, on average, 1 month.

On the one hand, chemicals are metabolized fairly quickly and excreted in the urine. On the other hand, women constantly use personal hygiene products, as well as compositions for washing, cleaning, and washing. They buy and use deodorants, air fresheners.

skin cleaner
skin cleaner

As a result, even after birth, babies assimilate unwanted substances in different concentrations.

The study's author, Kim Harley, is worried about the results, but admits that no other harmful substances, such as pesticides, are found in most foods.

Therefore, it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is parabens, phthalates and phenols that are responsible for early puberty.

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