Four Tips For Action When Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Sex

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Four Tips For Action When Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Sex
Four Tips For Action When Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Sex

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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

You and your girlfriend have been living together for a long time, intimate relationships stop being exciting, as at the beginning of a relationship, and suddenly, they become very rare. It would seem that you have found your half, but lately, you have been spending all weekend together on the couch watching TV series and reality shows, instead of having sex in every place available for this. You soon notice that you cannot remember the last time you did it. Otherwise, your relationship hasn't gotten any worse.

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  • 1 Find out her needs
  • 2 Resist the temptation to blame her
  • 3 Create the conditions for her candor
  • 4 Cherish your sensuality

Wanting to find out from a friend why this is happening, one cannot make claims to her regarding the lack of intimate attraction. Such a topic must be approached with tact and delicacy. Believe me, if a woman who considered a man sexy has lost interest in intimacy with him, there are very good reasons for this. And you can find out only if she expresses them herself, and for this you need to call your partner for a frank conversation.

Find out her needsi

Instead of asking your friend why you don't have sex anymore, find out if everything suits her: “I would like to ask you, do you have enough in our relationship with you? Please, I really want you to be honest with me. " This will show your attention, not selfishness.

If she brings up the issue herself, this will be the perfect opportunity to find out what your friend needs and what you can do to fix it. But don't try to be defensive and parry her words. The main thing is to find out the reason for the decline in your sexual intercourse, after which you can take action.

Don't be tempted to blame her2

A statement like this: “You don't want to have sex anymore. You are always tired. I feel disappointed!”- can be perceived as a direct attack. Don't put all the blame on her, implying that she's the only one in charge of your sex life. Reproaches can lead to a quarrel, but the problem will not be solved.

When your partner lost interest in sex
When your partner lost interest in sex

She probably wants to know what you think about the situation, too, but by being aggressive, you're just confirming her worst fears. Instead, ask if you can talk about your sexual relationship, how she feels about it. Tell them that you know how sensitive this is, but that you must work on the problem together. Your intimate life is something that you both are responsible for.

Create the conditions for her candor3

For many women, attraction to a particular man is closely related to the fact that she feels sexy and desirable in his eyes. Perhaps she hasn't felt that way lately. Your passions have subsided, and she believes that she has become your habit, you just satisfy your physiological need with her. Think if you are giving your friend a reason for such reasoning?

However, there are many more reasons that can suppress her sex drive: feeling unwell or depression due to problems at work. But you won't know anything if you don't ask her. And in order for your partner to open up to you, you need to create a zone of psychological comfort, let her know that she can be honest without your judgment.

Tips chilled to sex
Tips chilled to sex

Say that you miss her affection and tenderness, without creating the impression that you are only interested in sex: “I love you and I do not want any white spots in our relationship. If something happens to you, let's talk about it. I want to understand if there is something that makes you unhappy?"

Once you start a frank conversation, don't let the dialogue turn into an ugly squabble of accusations and accusations. Instead, listen to her problems and offer solutions: “You know, this is a good start for mutual understanding. We can work on some of these things and see what happens. Let's go out more often and arrange dates as before."

Cherish Your Sensuality 4

Sometimes sex life gets on the brakes, because no one is making an effort to further move the relationship. So that desire does not fade away, it must be maintained like a flame in a hearth, and protected from many nuances that easily lead to the fact that two people stop having sex. Even if you don't find each other as sexy as before, remember, this can be fixed.


Spend more free time away from home, skip all TV shows and reality shows, get dressed and sit in the evening somewhere in a cozy restaurant. Surprise your friend with spontaneous surprises: cook something tasty for her, or at least order a meal at home and set the table; get the bathroom ready when she comes home; brew her favorite tea.

There are many little things that a man is able to emphasize his attention and how he values ​​his beloved. Most importantly, do not stand still, sexual attraction requires novelty not only in bed.

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