What Interracial Couples Should Know To Avoid Difficulties

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What Interracial Couples Should Know To Avoid Difficulties
What Interracial Couples Should Know To Avoid Difficulties

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interracial couple
interracial couple

When you meet someone of a different ethnic group, you discover a fascinating, previously unknown world. Along with this, you can find a number of difficulties inherent in cultural, religious, moral, ethical, gastronomic differences or the negative attitude of some representatives of their own race and their partner. A few tips from relationship experts will help you overcome obstacles and suggest what to do in specific situations.

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  • 1 Relationship between family and friends
  • 2 Negative public reaction
  • 3 Differences in points of view and traditions
  • 4 Accusations of neglect of one's own race

Relationship between family and friends

Parental influence remains significant even in older children. And when it comes to ethnic traditions, the ability to fit into the circle of a new family member can be extremely difficult.

“Loved ones can be just unbearable for interracial relationships when it comes to their household members,” says New York psychotherapist and couples counselor Matt Landquist. “Friends can also surprise you unpleasantly. Be patient and don't jump to conclusions, give people a chance to change their feelings and accept your union with your partner over time."

Sometimes, long attempts to counter the bias of loved ones cause tension between lovers, which can threaten their happiness together. Then you need to set hard limits to prevent your happiness from getting in the way. “If your unfriendly family and friends absolutely refuse to accept your relationship, you have to distance yourself from it and think about keeping your distance if you think your relationship is worth fighting for,” recommends Matt Landquist.

Negative public reaction2

Despite the fact that blended families have become common, they sometimes have to face rejection of one or both partners in public places. “Interracial couples react differently to ill will on a case by case basis,” says Holly Parker, a practicing psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University. “Some young people choose to confront racism in a direct and productive way.

interracial marriage
interracial marriage

Others try to stay cool and respond calmly. There are those who ignore racist comments and joke about them among themselves as a way to deal with this problem."

Each couple decides for itself which way of confrontation to choose, but in any case, manifestations of racism are perceived painfully. It should be noted that retaliatory aggression can be dangerous and lead to serious offenses, but it will not satisfy your feelings and will not resolve the situation.

It is best not to get in touch when someone throws a rude comment at you, as arguing with such ignorance will not work. “Offensive and even offensive statements can be quite common and it would be tedious to respond to all of them,” notes Matt Landqvist.

Differences in points of view and traditions3

Young people who successfully understand each other's racial foundations have an advantage in situations that all mixed couples encounter: difference in religious views, culture, life, food, celebrations and rituals, raising children, and other characteristic traditions.

how is interracial marriage
how is interracial marriage

Awareness of these characteristics creates a kind of infrastructure for young people that ensures the functioning of their union. This helps to understand the specificity of each other's differences and to accept them. “From religion to food habits, there is much to be learned from race relations. Just be open-minded, especially if you are doing it for a loved one,”says Matt Landqvist.

Because Caucasians tend to exclude themselves from the concept of race, they often discount the experiences of chauvinist prejudice gained by their colored partners. This situation causes misunderstanding and often becomes the reason for separation. “It's important to remember that at least some of your diverging perspectives are likely based on unique racial experiences that need to be sensitive and empathic,” Holly Parker warns.

Accusations of neglect of one's own race

In every ethnic group, there are people who find mixed marriage offensive to their own race. But men and women can fall in love with members of another ethnic group and at the same time feel a sense of pride in connection with their own origins.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

“It is necessary to separate feelings for a certain person from feelings in relation to one's own or another race. Interracial relationships are two people who love each other, not opposing ideas,”explains Holly Parker.

When it comes to who you love and who you are happy with, it doesn't matter what race that person is. If your relationship is real and strong, together you will overcome all negative influences and difficulties in the relationship.

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