Let's Talk Again About The Magic Power Of A Romantic Kiss

Let's Talk Again About The Magic Power Of A Romantic Kiss
Let's Talk Again About The Magic Power Of A Romantic Kiss

Video: Let's Talk Again About The Magic Power Of A Romantic Kiss

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Any romantic relationship begins with a kiss: innocent, friendly, gentle, airy and, finally, passionate. Their poetical descriptions are full of works of art by Pushkin, Bunin, Nabokov, Byron, Shakespeare. Why do people love to kiss? And how does kissing affect subsequent relationships? Recent research suggests that romantic kissing has several functions, such as:

  • one of their opportunities to test a potential spouse for suitability;
  • a means of increasing the attachment of partners to each other;
  • the ability to initiate sexual intercourse;
  • a means of increasing sexual arousal.

The study of scientists Rafael Wlodarsky and Robin I.M.Dunbar involved 308 men and 594 women aged 18 - 63 years. The result was very interesting: the majority of women believed that romantic kissing was very important in attracting a potential partner, while some participants with low sociosexual orientation denied this. The kiss was considered an important point in the strength of the relationship and couples who have been married for a long time. For them, a kiss is an indicator of satisfaction with the existing relationship. The hypothesis that kissing increases sexual arousal has received little support.

Be that as it may, kissing is part of our life, and they are very useful. Psychologists say that during kissing:

  • hormones of happiness, endorphins are produced, which affect the level of life perception;
  • increased air flow to the lungs;
  • thanks to the work of several dozen muscles, a kind of facial gymnastics occurs, affecting its rejuvenation;
  • calories are burned due to increased metabolism.
Influence of kissing
Influence of kissing

Scientists have found that a morning kiss, which lasts only 20 seconds, promotes a good mood and a positive outlook for the whole day. How great would it be to start your morning with a kiss? Maybe then there would be fewer conflicts at work.

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