Where To Go On A First Date? Top 5 Best Tips

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Where To Go On A First Date? Top 5 Best Tips
Where To Go On A First Date? Top 5 Best Tips

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girl with envelope
girl with envelope

You asked a girl on a first date, she is really attractive and there is a desire to start a relationship with her. Where this meeting takes place can be a determining factor in whether there will be subsequent dates. This means that you need to seriously approach the organizational issue.

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  • 1 Find a convenient location
  • 2 Think about the noise level
  • 3 Consider the time of year and inform about the route
  • 4 Inform about the route
  • 5 Don't try to jump over your head

Initially, you need to think about what you want to achieve from this meeting. Second date, right? Of course, a lot depends on what you will talk about, whether interests, life values ​​and the like coincide. But choosing the right place will add the edge in the scales in your favor.

There are a number of clichés and misconceptions about first dates. To reveal to you a little secret, moreover, clear as day? Success does not lie in money, bragging, the ability to pay for any, even the most expensive cocktail, but in originality, care and ease. There are a number of tips to help you choose a place that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Find a convenient locationi

You are just about to meet for the first time, and you know that the woman lives on the other side of the city. In doing so, you choose a place where you are used to hanging out. Of course, it is so familiar, and even a stone's throw from home. It is advisable, but not in this case. Will you make the darling go with three transfers on the metro, and even travel tens of kilometers by bus? In this case, we doubt that there will be a second date.

First, think about where it would be more comfortable for both of you. For example, if you live in different parts of the city, the best option is to meet in the center. Originality is highly valued, but if it involves several hours on the way to your destination, it is better to hold back your ardor. Can you find each other easily? Is this a safe area? Is public transport easily accessible? If the answer to these questions is yes, the location is probably well chosen.

first date
first date

Think about noise levels2

Is this your first meeting? It is clear that the primary goal of the meeting is to get to know each other, to talk calmly, that is, to hear as much new, interesting and exciting as possible. You don't want to shout so loudly so that everyone is aware of the conversation, do you? The girl is also unlikely to want to devote a guy to any intimate topics, if there is a risk of being heard by others.

Therefore, a noisy club, karaoke and any other place where music is playing loudly, and everyone is trying to shout down each other, is clearly not suitable for a first or second date. This does not mean that you should bypass such places on the tenth road, but in the early stages of a relationship you should not visit them.

Consider the time of year and inform about itinerary 3

If it is the height of winter, take the girl to a cozy place where you can enjoy the warmth of a burning fireplace, cook mulled wine. In spring and summer, it is appropriate to arrange a walk outside, if the weather permits. In general, you need to think about how the girl feels comfortable under any conditions.

Inform about the route4

A busy walk that includes a trip to a cafe, a boat ride and a walk in the park is great. If you decide to arrange a surprise, leaving the lion's share of plans a secret from the girl, be sure that the ending of the date will be a failure. This does not mean that you can never make a surprise - but at the beginning of a relationship, you need to inform about everything so that the girl knows what clothes to wear. Even a harmless walk should be told in advance. If it was originally planned to sit somewhere and no physical activity was supposed, the passion can put on high-heeled shoes, and this walk will not particularly appeal to her.

places for dating
places for dating

Don't try to jump over your head5

A chic place that screams about its sophistication and high cost is amazing. But not for the first date. Do you want to get to know her better or bribe her? Silent exclamations like: "Look how much money I have, be glad that you managed to persuade me on this date" is not the best way if you want to build a relationship. You don't want to sound like an idiot using an impressive maneuver, do you? Save money to celebrate a big event at a fancy restaurant. Now there are many inexpensive, moreover, pleasant places for an unforgettable pastime. Such places allow not only to chat quietly, but also to dress stylishly or everyday. So, eliminate formality and put the person you are going on a date with first, and not cunning methods to win his heart.

Whether you're looking for a café, restaurant, park, or boat trip, follow these tips to help ensure follow-up appointments. Everything that you plan should be discussed, and decisions should be made mutually. But remember that a place is not an end, but a means to an end.

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