Loneliness Is Evident: What Men Think Of Free Girls

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Loneliness Is Evident: What Men Think Of Free Girls
Loneliness Is Evident: What Men Think Of Free Girls

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girl in black dress
girl in black dress

The female sex is mysterious and unpredictable. Many books have been written, thousands of films have been shot, and the exact answer has not been found about finding out the thoughts of the beautiful half of humanity. But if a woman is in love, then her appearance literally screams that her heart is busy and she is happy. And what about those who have not yet wandered their personal happiness? Are there any signs by which you can say for sure that the beauty is free and open to dating?

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  • 1 Flying gait …
  • 2 Burning Gaze
  • 3 Neatness and grooming
  • 4 Internet time
  • 5 Club entertainment
  • 6 As a postscript

This question was asked many times to men and found the most popular answers. The guys admitted that they have their own view of girls without chosen ones, so they can immediately tell whether it is worth spending their time on them. Below are common men's sayings that characterize single ladies at first sight.

With a flying gait … i

One of the more recurring claims is that girls in relationships have a more confident and relaxed gait. They are literally open to the world and are not afraid to share their happiness with others. On the other hand, those who are not fortunate enough to find a boyfriend often tend to move with a shuffling gait, have a heavy step and show their dissatisfaction with their current situation. This is too subjective - after all, every woman has her own unique way of walking, some are simply awkward. Therefore, this approach can be considered only half correct.

Burning gaze2

Eyes that literally radiate pleasure and love - these are the eyes of those lucky women who have found a soul mate. For all the rest, according to men, he should be sad, begging or full of hope. Everything here is about the same as in the previous paragraph. Women can be sad for a variety of reasons, and the hope in a look can also mean anything, not just a desire to bond with a particular guy. Another sign will be more appropriate here. If a partner looks straight into the eyes for more than 10-15 seconds, then she is interested in the interlocutor and, probably, considers him as her chosen one.

Free girls
Free girls

Neat and tidy 3

One of the most offensive opinions for the fair sex is the fact that not free girls look less well-groomed. No, the dirt does not hang from them, they just much more often allow themselves to go out “into the world” without makeup and without hair. And the logic here is simple - they have already found a boyfriend, so there is no need to try anymore and always be on top. Well-groomed is not the sign that can distinguish a single woman, because the attitude to their appearance is different for all people. Someone fundamentally does not like to paint, while others are ready to sacrifice time alone with a loved one in order to draw perfect arrows before their eyes.

Internet time4

This point can be attributed to the more plausible, since it often really works. It is believed that single ladies spend a lot of time online, especially at night. This is due to the lack of other responsibilities and the need to make new acquaintances. Not every family person will sit until 1 am in the chat, especially if she has small children. For those who are not burdened by marriage and restless little ones, it is much easier to find time for virtual correspondence. At the same time, many singles try to come up with more sonorous pseudonyms in order to look sexy in absentia.

How to understand that a girl is free
How to understand that a girl is free

Club entertainment 5

Going to a bar or club is an activity that takes money and time. These resources are most lacking for those in relationships. For the same reason, acquaintances are made so often in such establishments - the majority of visitors crave communication and sex without obligation. But this does not mean at all that if you met a charming cutie in a club, then she does not have a boyfriend or husband. This point is worth finding out before you find yourself in the same bed or you have feelings.

As a postscript 6

Loneliness, like poverty, is not a vice. You can live with them, but the best option would be to correct the situation and gain personal happiness. For a long time, men have been trying to find out how to understand from the first moments that this is an unoccupied girl ready for a relationship. Some of the points above do work in real life, but you shouldn't rely on them entirely.

How to find a single girl
How to find a single girl

Still, you can identify a lonely lady with the help of a simple conversation. It is enough to chat for a couple of days, and even without further ado, it will be clear whether your lady has a boyfriend or not. Well, then everything will depend only on your actions. If you want to, and soon there will be one less single woman on Earth, but one more happy and loving woman.

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