How To Find Out Who A Girl Is Texting With: 5 Real Ways

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How To Find Out Who A Girl Is Texting With: 5 Real Ways
How To Find Out Who A Girl Is Texting With: 5 Real Ways
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Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, but sometimes a partner gives rise to doubts about themselves. How to find out who a girl is texting with? Are there sites and programs that will allow you to read her correspondence? What is the chance of falling for the bait of scammers and how does it threaten you and your girlfriend? Are there any tricks and tricks that will allow you to check a girl's messages without resorting to hacking her page?

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  • 1 Request for a phone number at a time
  • 2 Offer to exchange phone numbers
  • 3 Phone notifications
  • 4 "Spyware" sites and programs
  • 5 Account hacking services

Let's look at several ways to read messages on a girl's phone, moving from the safest to the more risky ones.

Request for a phone number for a while

Find an excuse to borrow a girl's phone: “forget” yours at home, do not charge its battery before going to bed, do not top up your account on time. It could be even easier to do things like ask her to play a game on her phone. If she agrees, find a secluded place to study her correspondence. It won't be difficult to do this: most users don't log out of social media apps after every session.

If a girl reacts sharply to such an innocent request, you will have a good reason to ask her a question: "Are you really hiding something?"

Offer to exchange phone numbers2

Invite the girl to read your correspondence in exchange for reading all of her messages. If a girl is not going public, this does not necessarily mean that she is cheating on you. Perhaps she was telling something very personal to one of her friends and does not want you to find out about an episode in her life. Or it is possible that her boundaries were constantly violated before - for example, by controlling parents - and now she intensely protects them, even if she really has nothing to hide.

But it is possible that your girlfriend still decides to let you read her messages, and then you will find out everything that interests you, with her consent.

how to read a girl's correspondence
how to read a girl's correspondence

If you still decide to look at each other's correspondence, then do it right away: so no one has time to delete the compromising messages.

Phone notifications3

You can view notifications even on a locked phone. When the girl leaves the room, try to find out who is writing to her and what. You will not be able to get the full text of messages, but you will be able to see their sender. In addition, even with one sentence, you can learn a little about how people communicate with each other.

Spyware sites and programs

If you enter the query "how to find out who a girl is texting with", the search engine will immediately bring you dozens of sites ready to provide such services. Sometimes links will lead you to forums where users talk about how a program has helped them. Can you believe such messages? Are sites delivering on their promises?

Sites and programs that promise to download your girlfriend's correspondence for you without hacking her account are scammers. If such a hole in the security system of a social network or messenger really existed, the developers would fix it as soon as possible. Users would not trust a resource that cannot keep their data safe. For example, if it were possible to read other people's messages VKONTAKTE, the popularity of this social network would come to an end. And the media would regularly flare up stories about how a data leak broke the life of another user.

girl hides correspondence
girl hides correspondence

All sites and programs that you can find on the Internet will not help you find out who a girl is texting with. But you can lose money and accidentally download a malicious program to your device (phone or computer) that can damage equipment or transfer your personal data to third parties.

Account hacking services4

You may meet people who know how to hack accounts (or say they can do it). You may be lucky: after you transfer a decent amount of money to these people, you will be given the login information for your girlfriend's account, and you can read her correspondence. But there is a high probability that in this case you will also stumble upon scammers.

This method has several drawbacks.

First, the girl will in any case find out that her page has been hacked. If she realizes that you paid for it in order to access her correspondence, she is most likely to want to end the relationship with you. If it turns out that the girl has not cheated on you, there will be no excuses for your act.

is it possible to hack a girl's correspondence
is it possible to hack a girl's correspondence

Secondly, even if you find out that a girl is flirting with someone else, you will not be able to convict her of this without admitting to paying for the hack and reading her messages. Some people consider this violation of personal boundaries to be as rude and offensive as cheating.

Third, you are putting your girlfriend in danger. People who hack her account for you will also have access to all the information in it. If a girl has ever sent you personal photos or exchanged erotic messages with you, scammers can use them to extort money from your girlfriend or you.

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