How To Learn To Find An Approach To Someone's Heart?

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How To Learn To Find An Approach To Someone's Heart?
How To Learn To Find An Approach To Someone's Heart?

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heart beach couple
heart beach couple

While some languidly sigh, for the hundredth time looking at the photo of their love and hoping for an unjust fate, others take everything into their own hands and, with a sword bald, jump to conquer the heart of the chosen one.

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  • 1 Father's daughter, mother's son
  • 2 From scratch
  • 3 Protection
  • 4 Again about the former
  • 5 Opposites attract
  • 6 Plus for plus
  • 7 Attension
  • 8 Atmosphere
  • 9 Emotional connection

If the horoscopes are read out to the bone, and your friends are already twitching from your whining, then it's time to try new methods.

Father's daughter, mother's son

One of the strangest things psychologists have ever made public: girls are looking for men similar to their fathers, and guys are subconsciously looking for a copy of their beloved mother. A specific method, we do not argue, but try to find out more about the closest relative of the object of your love. If your beloved father has golden hands capable of fixing anything, then you should learn to at least hammer a nail into the wall. It's the same with girls: a hero who grew up on homemade stuffed cabbage and anxiously loves mother's borscht will not appreciate a dinner consisting of Doshirak with sausages.

Important: if the parent left behind only negative memories, it is worth acting on the contrary. Also, do not overdo it and turn yourself into a copy of his mom or her dad. If it works, then it smells of pathology.

From scratch2

Find out why her / his past relationship broke up. Eliminate habits and traits that resemble your ex. Demonstrate that, unlike Sveta, you do not like clubs and liters of booze. If your nymph's ex has been abusing online games, she shouldn't know that you have a platinum account.


If you have a common social circle, ask friends / girlfriends / acquaintances to speak well of you. How you treat girls well / a good housewife / know how to listen / sing well / cook the best lasagne, etc.

Important: it should look as natural and unobtrusive as possible. Otherwise, it will become like a sale of stale goods - loud promises that have nothing to do with reality.

Again about the former4

Look back at your past, remember your former friends - they all either look like twins, or have something in common in character, worldview, outlook on relationships, etc.

how to learn to find an approach to anyone's heart
how to learn to find an approach to anyone's heart

Subconsciously, we all have a certain image of an ideal partner, which we compare with the people around us, and cling to the one who most matches our stencil. Appearance here does not play the most important role - a girl, foaming at the mouth, declaring that she will only meet with a rich two-meter blond, can fall in love with a short, poor brunette without memory. Pay attention to the tastes, interests, attitudes and aspirations of the former admirers.

Opposites Attract5

Very often we are looking for people who can boast of qualities that we ourselves lack. So a dreamer and romantic falls in love with an ambitious figure who stands firm on the ground, and an insecure pessimistic young man loses his head from a cheerful and self-confident girl. Demonstrate opposite (positive!) Qualities, surprise and delight.

Pay attention to Socionics. Compatibility horoscopes are, of course, fun, but if you turn to the help of the Higher Mind, let it be psychology.

how to find an approach to anyone's heart
how to find an approach to anyone's heart

Both astrology and socionics cause a lot of controversy and skepticism, but in war, as they say, all means are good.

Plus by plus6

People who are similar in character also have a lot of chances to build harmonious relationships. Find out what he likes to eat, listen, watch, read, visit the object of passion. Gather knowledge on this topic so that you have the opportunity to keep the conversation going. Agree with his / her views, show how similar you are, but don't overdo it. Small differences of opinion will only add spice to your dialogue and allow you to continue the discussion and develop communication.


It is necessary not only to listen, but also to hear. Be genuinely interested, listen and remember. Anyone will appreciate if the phrase he casually said is not passed on deaf ears, and after a while will neatly pop up in the conversation: “Yes, I remember your phrase in this regard. Very subtly noticed!"


We fall in love with the emotions we experience next to a person.

learn to find an approach to anyone's heart
learn to find an approach to anyone's heart

No matter how beautiful a girl is, if she is empty and cold like an iceberg, a man will miss his less model girlfriend, but with whom he is always fun, warm and comfortable.

Emotional connection9

Whether you like it or not, you need to pull yourself together and begin to communicate with your object of sighing. Love at first sight is quite rare in our life (do not confuse love with sympathy in Tinder!), And therefore, in order to win someone's heart, you need to more often influence his eyes and ears. Do not forget about tactile contact (when appropriate) - hugs when meeting, light, as if friendly touches of hands and hair - a girl or a guy will not fall in love with you in absentia, even if the compatibility horoscope shows 100%. This will take a lot of effort, so get ready for the big game.

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