How To Understand The Gestures Of Men. What Will They Tell Without Sound?

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How To Understand The Gestures Of Men. What Will They Tell Without Sound?
How To Understand The Gestures Of Men. What Will They Tell Without Sound?
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man love
man love

Sign language, according to scientists, appeared even earlier than spoken language. It is difficult to name the year of its origin and to count the time of its existence. Today, gestures help us in communication, in strengthening any words or giving figurative meaning to expressions. Woman, do you know how to understand the gestures of men?

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Sometimes the beating occurs on an unconscious level. Gesturing can reflect mood, emotional background, attitude towards someone or something. Which one will tell you when you can ask for a present, and which one will tell you about the impending "storm"? How to grasp the meaning without hearing a word? American psychologist Albert Meyerabian, with the help of research, was able to divide the perception of the interlocutor into three groups: Body language was 55%, intonation and timbre of words - 38%, and only 7% got the meaning of the words spoken. Based on these works, we can make a bold conclusion that when addressing a loved one, it is not necessary to fill the content with meaning, the main thing is to do it correctly. Casting a gentle glance and sexually stroking your thighs, you can safely admit that you spent half of the money set aside for a new radio tape recorder on awesome shoes. Or informthat the body of his car has taken a slightly different shape, but it definitely suits him. And he, watching your hands, will vaguely express his consent. To fully master the secret data, you need to disassemble everything sequentially.

Head i

Of course, when dealing with a man, the main focus is on the face. You pay attention to his gaze, smile, listen to the intonation with which he pronounces the words, what facial expressions prevail at the same time. But a more detailed analysis can be done.


It has been proven by science that girls, wanting to catch the fancy of a guy, mechanically sort out their hair, straightening their hair. Men are people too. And in such moments they tend to do the same. If the hair is cut short, he will simply run his hand over it, but if the hairstyle has a certain shape, he will periodically correct it in the direction of the parting.


Eyebrows will shamelessly betray a man if a pleasant person is in front of him. If, in the usual state, emotions are in most cases hidden under a "stone" mask, then in the event of a favorite on the horizon, the eyebrows begin their frantic dance.

Men gestures
Men gestures


One of the main indicators of excitement. When a man starts to worry, his breathing becomes unconsciously quickened. This is due to an increase in body temperature. If, when communicating with you, he mentally moves to the tropics, then you definitely turn him on. Watch your nostrils and keep heating it up.


Sometimes one look can replace a thousand words. The nature and direction of the gaze is of great importance. You felt this undressing and appraising gaze on you. I felt like he imagines you without extra clothes. If the partner is not afraid to meet the gaze, then he is definitely interested not only in the current conversation, but also in the interlocutor.

Mouth and voice

The subconscious desire to kiss you will be noticeable on his dry lips, taking the form of a smile. He will try to moisten them with saliva using his tongue. The more often this happens, the stronger the arousal. When capturing you, a male will play in it, and his voice will automatically become rougher. Speech will become slower so that you can correctly choose words and correctly build sentences. When a man, seeing you, is confused, he can chatter in raised tones all evening.

How to understand a man by gestures
How to understand a man by gestures

Head position

It all depends on the character. If your man is confident in himself, macho, then the head will be tilted back a little, indicating a dominant position. In the case of an agreeable character, on the contrary, she is tilted forward, this will speak of his obedience.

Chest and shoulders2

When looking for a partner, men are not much different from animals and birds. Parrots and roosters tend to puff up their breasts in order to appear larger and more confident in the eyes of their enemies, in particular females. The shoulders straighten themselves. Men, without noticing it, overplay and look quite funny. So, if suddenly your interlocutor's chest began to increase, and his shoulders became wider, know he is already on the way to your conquest.


If willpower did not force the steel press to pump up, then during the acquaintance, this part of the body mystically reduces its size to an unrecognizable size.

Understand the gestures of men
Understand the gestures of men


Now you know almost all the tricks of a potential boyfriend and you know how to understand the gestures of men. To them, you can add increased gesticulation to make the stories more colorful and feet spaced apart, which indicates self-confidence. Forewarned is forearmed. We can only wish you good luck in battles!

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