How To Surprise A Girl Who First Came To Visit You

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How To Surprise A Girl Who First Came To Visit You
How To Surprise A Girl Who First Came To Visit You

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So, firstly, you are not indifferent to it, and secondly, it will come to you today. If you are obsessed with a stormy mutual passion, look for the order of further actions not in this article, but in the ancient Indian treatises on love, everything is described and drawn there. But if your relationship has barely begun, or in general only in plans, this changes the matter.

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  • 1 Play board games
  • 2 Or computer!
  • 3 View old photo albums?
  • 4 Play with pets?

A visit from a lady of the heart can seriously unsettle, and being confused, you risk breaking wood and making her have an ambiguous opinion about you. We will not write trivial things, such as that you need to clean up in advance, but we will try to find for you some activities with a friend on your territory that will help you get to know her better and make a positive impression on her. Go!

Play board gamesi

This is a proven way to spend a bright evening with a small company or together. The choice is so wide now, and we will not advise you any specific, after all, we were not paid for advertising. But note that desktop entertainment mainly boils down to three types:

Competitive. In this case, you and your, hopefully, future will be opponents, and you will be able to find out everything about her in this vein, and she, in turn, about you. Whether you know how to lose with dignity, whether you play fair, what are you ready for for the first place - in competitive games you show your personality and learn a thing or two about it. Should she succumb? This is at your own peril and risk, but knowing this, she may get upset and decide that you are belittling her abilities

Cooperative. In such games, you two will become a single squad, opposing an imaginary antagonist or external circumstances. Fighting together with monsters shoulder to shoulder, getting out of the maze, rescuing a ship dying in a stormy sea is exciting and interesting, and your ability to take initiative, work in a team and listen to your partner will manifest itself in such scenarios. Victory will be shared, as will defeat. Perhaps this option is safer than the previous one if in doubt

Without a goal. Those in which there are no winners or losers, and the main thing is the process itself. Everyone has heard of Truth or Ransom, for example? Some games are just made to introduce people, but not all are suitable for a couple. Try it if you remember the right one

visiting girl
visiting girl

Or computer! 2

If you have a game console, then there is surely a whole collection of toys for two. However, on a regular personal computer, there are also enough of them, and if you do not have it, you can always download something. Compete one on one or be on the same side - again you decide. This exciting pastime can drag you into the night, what is not a reason to convince her to stay with you? Well, or at least in a gentlemanly way to walk her home, an evening romantic walk under the stars will be a great end to your date.

Digital fun in our age is so diverse that you can easily find something that will appeal to her, unless, of course, she is not a fanatical opponent of such entertainment. And if she's like that … Why did you even invite her to your place?

how to surprise a girl
how to surprise a girl

View old photo albums? 3

If everything goes well for you, she will see them anyway, only your mother will show them to her. So why not do it earlier, having previously selected the most successful photographs from your distant youth and hiding away those that you do not like? That would be pretty nice, especially if you have a lot of good photos from the past, each with a story behind it. You will tell her next, there will be something to talk about, at the same time offer to study her album next time!

Demonstration of their children's photographs is a good sign of trust, and women appreciate this, if not intellectually, then intuitively. Just think, do you really trust her that much? If you are barely familiar, it is best to choose one of the previous activities.

Play with pets? 4

If you have a dog, cat, parrot, or even a hamster, hanging out with the smaller brothers can be part of your date. Most women will be delighted, and if your pet also knows some tricks, you will have something to impress her. Do not forget to thank him later with a sweet bone. Or a bowl of milk. In general, what he loves.

how to surprise a girl
how to surprise a girl

In contact with animals, people open up well, so watch how she will behave in the company of your animal. However, there is one important "but". If she is allergic to your animal, temporarily isolate him in a separate room, otherwise your promising meeting will be hopelessly ruined. So before inviting her home, ask if she has a negative reaction to cats, canaries or crocodiles, if, of course, you keep the latter in your room, and not in the bathroom.

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