How To Find A Good Wife For Your Son? Tips For Modern Parents

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How To Find A Good Wife For Your Son? Tips For Modern Parents
How To Find A Good Wife For Your Son? Tips For Modern Parents

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wife for son
wife for son

In our 21st century, it is not uncommon for men, in their prime (30-35 years old), to have a family yet. Even 15-20 years ago, this situation would have been considered out of the ordinary. And that's why parents start to sound the alarm.

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They are frightened by the fact that time is rapidly running forward, and their adult child has not yet acquired a life partner. Yes, and the grandchildren are already hunting. Any parent in this situation asks the question: how to find a good wife for his son?

At the very beginning of the article, I would like to reassure the parents. Times change. Indeed, in the recent past, an unmarried 30-year-old man would most likely have been given up as a family man. After all, it was believed that if there is no family, then something is wrong with the young man himself. Perhaps he is stupid, has bad habits or a difficult character.

Now, the situation has changed. First of all, this is due to the fact that in our time the value of the family for men does not play the first role. Financial stability is in the lead here. First, men prefer to get an education, build a successful career, buy housing, and only then have families. Therefore, no one is surprised that an educated, handsome, working guy is not yet married.

To begin with, parents need to answer the questions themselves: is it worth interfering in the son's personal life at all? Will this not entail adverse consequences in relation to him? If the answer is yes, then take action.

Why doesn't the son get married? I

First, analyze the current situation. There can be plenty of reasons for not wanting to start a family. And in some of them, unfortunately, the parents themselves are to blame. Perhaps the son is very attached to the parental home and does not want to change his usual environment.

As a rule, this situation occurs with overprotection from the family. Or maybe the son believes that he does not have enough financial resources to provide for his family and that is why he is in no hurry to take such a responsible step as marriage. Or maybe he had a sad previous experience with a woman and he does not want to step on the same rake a second time?

parents and son
parents and son

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Or is it all about the banal embarrassment to communicate with the opposite sex? In any case, whatever the reason is, the task of parents is to try to identify it and try to help their son cope with it.

After analyzing the situation, have a conversation with your son. Find out why he still hasn't been dating a girl. Such a conversation should be conducted very carefully and tactfully. It is important to convey your position to your son, and then he will decide at his own discretion whether to listen to the parents' advice or not.

It may also turn out that he already has a girlfriend, but does not want to tell his parents about her for a number of reasons. If everything is quiet on the personal front, try to help fix the situation.

the guy is looking for a wife
the guy is looking for a wife

Where to find a wife for a son? 2

First of all, it comes to mind to introduce a son to the unmarried daughters of friends. Quite not a bad option. You already know the family, are familiar with the very applicant for the vacant wife's place. Organize a common party. It can be a joint meeting of the new year, someone's birthday, or just a picnic.

You can also look for an applicant in your team among young colleagues. Invite the girl to just visit or to a family holiday. Or, under the guise of the need for "brute male power" ask your son to help her in some non-female matter. Perhaps they will like each other.

Look online to see if there are companies in the city that organize express dates. Fast dating or speed-dating is a fairly new way of dating, which originally appeared in America, and some time ago came to Russia. It allows you to communicate with several girls in a short period of time (usually 5-7 minutes per girl), draw conclusions and, with mutual sympathy, continue communication.

The emergence of such a way of acquaintance is primarily associated with the constant acceleration of the rhythm of life and a catastrophic lack of time. Offer your son this option. This is a very interesting and rewarding experience.

good girl for son
good girl for son

And, of course, in the world of information technology, Internet dating is gaining more and more popularity. This option is quite risky and has many pitfalls in the form of fakes or scammers. But it is worthwhile to invite your son to try it. But what if! After all, now there are quite a few single, decent women who first build their careers, and only then think about the family.

If talk about a future family life makes a young man angry, you should not put pressure on him. Everything has its time. Hence, the time of his marriage has not yet come. Wait a little more. The son himself must come to the conclusion that it is time for him to settle down and acquire a legal life partner. And, perhaps, after a while he himself will approach his parents for advice on how to find a good wife.

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