How To Recognize A Gay Person? Detailed Answer To This Question

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How To Recognize A Gay Person? Detailed Answer To This Question
How To Recognize A Gay Person? Detailed Answer To This Question

Video: How To Recognize A Gay Person? Detailed Answer To This Question

Video: How To Recognize A Gay Person? Detailed Answer To This Question
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how to recognize a gay
how to recognize a gay

Few people will be surprised if they hear that someone from their acquaintances is gay. Among famous and talented people there are both gays and lesbians. If you can't ask directly, but you want to clearly understand how to understand that a guy is gay, then you will have to take a closer look at the external signs. And we will tell you how to recognize a gay.

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Recognition tipsi

Any curious person who is used to finding out the circumstances of the intimate life of strangers can get into an awkward situation with uncomfortable questions. You should not be guided by advice that says that a gay guy is easy to "see through" among the rest in mannerism and cunning.

Modern metrosexuals are accustomed to looking after their appearance, no less than women, wearing beautiful clothes and accessories on a par with straight people. It is possible to answer unequivocally the question of how to understand that a guy is gay, but how to recognize a gay by his features is still possible. The specific answer can be found only from a supposed representative of another camp.

But there are a number of signs that may indicate unconventional tastes in lovemaking. You will find the exact answer to the question of who is straight here.

Sign 1. Non-verbal_1

Men look at a potential sexual object with interest, from adolescence to the last day of life. Gay in the company will also look at women, communicate with them, but there will be no perceptible spark in the gaze, sliding glances over the body or appetizing roundness.

He can look more closely into the eyes of the male interlocutor, hold up the handshake a little longer, the toes of the shoes will always be turned towards the interlocutor of the same gender. If you want to understand whether a person is sympathetic to someone from the company, you need to tell a funny joke. Psychologists say that when they laugh, people look at the one for whom they feel affection and sympathy.

Feature 2. Appearance_2

How to recognize a gay man will help the external manners and behavior of a man. If there are those who believe that gays are betrayed by female gestures and bright, tight clothes, then this is more likely due to an imposed stereotype. Unconventional orientation does not dictate manners or style; gay men are not required to wear clothes that will quickly distinguish them from an ordinary man. The only common feature for everyone is grooming.

They zealously follow the beauty of the body, remove excess hair, build up muscles, go to beauty salons for caring procedures. This behavior can be due to the views, upbringing, habits imposed by the second half. Those whose work is related to the beauty of the body and face must also look perfect. So not every man with a regenerating face mask and an epilated body is an explicit homosexual.


Feature 3. Communication_3

In the company of men, you may not notice a homosexual among the company of straight people. They can also start vulgar conversations about women, seasoning them with dirty language. Unlike boastful straight people, gays generally think that they don't care about this topic at all. The speech is reminiscent of a mixture of stories from the Internet, memes about relationships and articles from men's magazines.

It will be interesting to listen to the reasoning on the topic of non-traditional relationships. Often a gay guy will not criticize or publicly condemn such unions. Negative statements about parades and gay rights in countries will help test the waters. If the object is one of their camp, then the statements will be in favor of protecting rights, harsh words about the injustice of the treatment of gays.

Interesting about intimate:

  • Among all animals, you can find gays.
  • Despite the fact that the phenomenon has ancient roots from early human development, the term "homosexuality" appeared only in 1869.
  • The first anti-homosexual law, which included punishment for military personnel for sodomy, was introduced by Peter I.
  • The most famous homosexuals among celebrities were Freddie Mercury, Oscar Wilde, Sergey Eisenstein, Van Cliburn, Stephen Fry, Thomas Mann and many others.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

A girl who makes every effort to please a guy, and in return does not receive reciprocity, the thought comes to mind more than once: is he not gay? If a person is not close enough to reveal the innermost secret on their own, then you can use the advice and assume that they are gay. Sometimes a spark simply does not arise between a man and a woman, and all actions to attract attention are not successful. Doing your best to recognize a gay is an ignoble occupation. After all, personal life should not be in the public domain.

And for those who are interested in how they become gay, we offer our article. Follow the link.

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