What To Talk About While Walking With A Guy? - We Have An Answer

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What To Talk About While Walking With A Guy? - We Have An Answer
What To Talk About While Walking With A Guy? - We Have An Answer

Video: What To Talk About While Walking With A Guy? - We Have An Answer

Video: What To Talk About While Walking With A Guy? - We Have An Answer
Girl shouting into loudspeaker
Girl shouting into loudspeaker

When the moment of acquaintance passes and such a long-awaited first date comes, everyone wants to show their best side. Passion, falling in love, charm with each other can quickly pass if there are no common themes and interests. The eternal question for girls: what to talk about on a walk with a guy in order to make a positive impression is easily solved if you prepare a little for the first meetings.

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How to behave while walking i

To create a comfortable environment will help not only a correctly chosen environment and a place for a walk, but also unobtrusive communication. Generations of beautiful girls have developed rules of conduct that help to spend a date perfectly:

  1. To cope with the excitement at first meetings is possible if you relax, tune in to positive communication. After all, if the acquaintance has already reached a tete-a-tete meeting, then the interest and spark just managed to slip through.
  2. If you look to the side during a conversation, constantly check your phone, yawn and maintain a sluggish conversation, then the chance of success is reduced to zero.
  3. You should not imitate an unusual manner of communication, gesticulate too actively, laugh inappropriately. From the outside it will look like a bad acting game that no one will appreciate.
  4. If you listen carefully to the interlocutor, then in the future the question of what to talk about while walking with a guy will disappear by itself. During the first meeting, you can learn about hobbies, hobbies, love for animals, main activities and this will become a topic for future conversations.

Eternal topics for long conversations2

Awkward pauses in a conversation, monosyllabic answers, or uninterrupted chatter will leave the interlocutor with a bad impression. If the guy is on a social network, then before the date it will be useful to look through the information on the page and determine interests or general topics.

Among the ageless topics that will help to deal with the question of what to talk about while walking with a guy, ageless classics are considered:

  • New items of music, cinema. Popular tracks and new movies will be a great opportunity to talk. It would be even better to go to the premiere together. A common topic of conversation, an intimate cinema environment will be a favorable moment for greater rapprochement.
  • City news, important events, holidays. Questions will help you find out in advance about the attitude towards the holidays, listen to opinions about key events, and understand the guy more as a person. And it will not hurt to take a break from personal questions.
how to behave on the first date
how to behave on the first date
  • Ask how the day went, if something interesting happened. From the point of view of psychology, interest in a partner disposes him to a girl. If at the same time refer to by name, look deeply into the eyes, then the prospect of a long-term relationship will become even closer.
  • Sports, hobbies, special hobbies. If from social networks or mutual friends it was not possible to find out about special hobbies, then you can directly start a conversation about it. Most guys go in for sports and happily boast sports records in front of a girl. Observation will help to suggest a question: unusual tattoos, emblems, accessories, specific words in a conversation that attract attention will help you quickly navigate the topics of questions, if all the topics have been discussed, and there is an awkward silence.
  • Rest and travel will be a fertile topic for discussion. Impressions about trips are always sincere, remembering them, a smile involuntarily arises, and comical situations or funny adventures will cause sincere emotions, helping to get closer. It will be interesting to tell each other about the dream trip. What if tastes coincide, and there will be a reason to go together?
what to chat about on the first date
what to chat about on the first date

What is not worth talking about3

Besides the generally accepted topics, there are some to avoid.

  • Money, financial independence. At the first meeting, the topic of finance is taboo. The guy may decide that the girl is materialistic and is dating for financial gain. Even if so, you should never admit it!
  • Discuss loved ones. For each person there is a particularly close social circle, admission to which the elite receive. Starting a conversation by criticizing the people who are important to the guy is a guarantee that the date will be the last.
  • Comparison. In any situation, it is unacceptable to compare a guy with exes, friends, colleagues, criticize skills, success at work. This hurts the pride of a man.

When wondering what to talk about with a guy on a walk, you should not feverishly recall interesting stories from life, write down questions on a piece of paper, try to be interesting and well-read. The most important thing is to relax, tune in to a positive mood and the conversation will develop by itself. This is not a qualification exam, but communication between two people who like each other.

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