The Wise Man's Rules That Should Never Be Broken

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The Wise Man's Rules That Should Never Be Broken
The Wise Man's Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Video: The Wise Man's Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Video: The Wise Man's Rules That Should Never Be Broken
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the rules of a wise man
the rules of a wise man

The life of a modern man requires him to follow clear rules. However, only a few of them carry wisdom and sanity. The rest are imposed by society and consist of stereotypes and prejudices. The article contains only those rules of a wise man that can favorably affect his life and lead to success.

The content of the article

  • 1 Restraint in words
  • 2 Cunning
  • 3 Action in full force
  • 4 Masculine word
  • 5 Attachments
  • 6 Experience
  • 7 Health
  • 8 Lack of boastfulness
  • 9 Love for a woman
  • 10 Emotions

Restraint in words

Nothing gives a man the image of a strong personality like reticence does. It is important to say little and only on the topic. This rule applies to business and any business relationship. The reputation of the "bazaar grandma" has not yet benefited anyone. Clear, competent speech, devoid of awkward pauses and parasitic words, is able to create the right impression about a person.

The rule "listen more - talk less" should be taken as a basis. The obtained information about the opponent can come in handy at the right time. On the other hand, unspoken information about yourself will deprive others of the opportunity to hit a man's weak points.


You can find a way out of the most unpleasant situation if you think over the steps in advance. The ability to take advantage of the current situation is a very valuable quality. Every wise man needs to try to think strategically, forgetting about straightforwardness and excessive simplicity of actions.

Full Action3

To achieve any goal, you need to make every effort. It doesn't matter what exactly is at stake - a beloved woman or a friendly football match in the yard. A truly wise man will do his best to train himself both mentally and physically, in order to improve all the necessary skills in the future.

Man's word4

The basic rule of a wise man is to keep his word. Keeping promises can create the image of a reliable, strong person you can always rely on. By keeping his word, a man learns willpower. If a given promise is unpleasant or lacks relevance in the interests of a man, it still needs to be kept.

The wise guy's rules
The wise guy's rules

Important! Better not to give your word at all than not to keep it.


Often men are very categorical about the issue of working for someone else's company. Many people believe that in this way they only help someone to earn extra money, while they themselves remain a loser. This rule is suitable for those who intend to earn money on their own.

A wise man is a good businessman who understands the importance of money. You can't skimp on things that will affect your business in the future. A financial investment in a good project will lead to even greater profits. Do not be afraid to spend money now if this money will soon return double.


It is not worth getting upset about failures, if only because meaningless experiences negatively affect the nervous system. For a wise person, any failure is considered an invaluable experience. From any failure, one can draw conclusions and prevent such a situation in the future. It is important to teach you to learn from all your actions, good or bad.


A wise man will definitely take care of himself and his well-being. Future achievements require good health, which means that it should not be wasted on dubious pleasures and insignificant deeds. Regular exercise and proper nutrition will bring order and health and confused thoughts.

Wise man
Wise man

Lack of boastfulness8

The desire to share your achievements is understandable and natural. However, don't go too far. It is clearly not worth talking about your new high-paying job to a cashier at a gas station. Keeping your mouth shut can help a man in many situations. Firstly, it will show him as a person capable of keeping emotions in himself. Secondly, it will deprive enemies of the opportunity to annoy and spoil successful plans.

Love for a woman9

For a wise man, a beloved woman is not only someone with whom you can spend the night and ask to iron your shirt. This is, first of all, a person who can provide invaluable moral support. A woman in whom you are confident can become the only one to whom you should turn for advice and talk about painful things. Any man, despite all the rules about reticence, sometimes needs to speak out. In these cases, the beloved will always come to the rescue and provide the necessary emotional support.


In solving any affairs, a wise man will be guided only by reason. Vivid emotions can lead to hasty decisions that you will soon have to regret. Anger overshadowing the mind is a bad counselor.

Actions of a wise man
Actions of a wise man

By adhering to the above tips, any man can achieve success. The main rule is to think with your head before committing any action. A clear mind is the key to making the right decisions in life.

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