How To Conquer A Woman: Some Practical Tips For Men

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How To Conquer A Woman: Some Practical Tips For Men
How To Conquer A Woman: Some Practical Tips For Men

Video: How To Conquer A Woman: Some Practical Tips For Men

Video: How To Conquer A Woman: Some Practical Tips For Men
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man shows a heart
man shows a heart

It is not always the case that a woman who attracts a man's attention reciprocates. This can happen for various reasons, and it is worthwhile to understand that it is not always possible to consider a person at first sight.

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  • 1 Sincerity
  • 2 Confidence
  • 3 Help
  • 4 Respect
  • 5 Patience
  • 6 Protection
  • 7 Gifts
  • 8 Surprises
  • 9 Loyalty

That is why it is important for gentlemen to know how to subdue a woman so that the fortress will finally fall. It's definitely not worth lowering your hands, even if at first the girl constantly refuses. When handled correctly, mutual feelings will arise quickly enough.


Sincerity is always appreciated, and women especially love it. A man should not pretend to be someone who he really is not. Women feel fake very well, so they won't succumb to the invented image. But if a man behaves as usual, then he may well attract a girl with some kind of zest.

But there is one nuance: only that person who really is something of himself can be himself. If a man is boring, dull and boring, then he is unlikely to attract the attention of a female.


Women value strength in men, and it is this strength that must be shown to arouse interest. Few people are interested in slobber and mumblers. Therefore, it is important not to whine about misunderstanding and lack of reciprocity. You just need to act, no matter what, and behave as if the woman has already given a positive answer. Then she even without words will understand that the man will do anything to achieve the desired result.


If a woman lives alone, then she probably needs help in everyday life. It should be rendered immediately in order to give yourself points. There are a huge number of options for such help: screw on a fallen cabinet door, fix a leaking tap, replace a battery, take old furniture into the trash. It is possible that the woman does not have a car, and she will be very grateful when the man takes her to her destination.


If a man does not show respect for a woman, then she will never look at him as a life partner. There is no need to follow the path "not yours, so you are mad." Some men begin to insult the girl who refused, and then again try to achieve reciprocity. No guys, it doesn't work that way.

how to conquer a woman
how to conquer a woman


Moscow was not built right away, and the woman is unlikely to throw herself on her neck after two days of courtship. You need to stock up on a huge amount of patience and be ready for any reaction. Water wears away the stone, so purposeful actions will definitely bring results.


Girls want to always feel safe, so it is important for a man to show that he can provide it. A woman should know that in a critical situation she will dial the number and a savior will fly to her on the wings of the night. A man needs to be ready to take responsibility for the girl he is seeking. Otherwise, why is all this?


It's corny, but it works. Women love to receive gifts, even small ones. Therefore, do not skimp on flowers and gifts. Of course, you need to proceed from your financial capabilities, but if a man does not earn enough to please his life partner, then maybe it is better for him to live alone?

courting a woman
courting a woman


You need to try to surprise a woman. This applies not only to sudden arrivals, which may not be pleasant. It is better to try to diversify the girl's leisure time. Better yet, find out what she is passionate about or dream about, and then provide it. The effect will be credited!


It is clear that if there is no relationship yet, then there is no need to talk about one hundred percent loyalty. But if a woman finds out that a man is simultaneously caring for someone else, then she will instantly feel like a fallback. After that, any attempts will fail. In order not to fail the mission "how to conquer a woman", you need to pay attention to only one person.

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