Top Of The Best Tips On How To Become More Self-confident

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Top Of The Best Tips On How To Become More Self-confident
Top Of The Best Tips On How To Become More Self-confident

Video: Top Of The Best Tips On How To Become More Self-confident

Video: Top Of The Best Tips On How To Become More Self-confident
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how to become more confident
how to become more confident

Psychologists have done a lot of research on how to become a confident girl. They concluded that a girl's confidence depends on how she interacts with the outside world and the environment. Overall confidence depends on how much a girl believes in herself and is confident in her internal resources.

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  • 1 Childhood and environmental influences
  • 2 Influence of parents on the girl's self-esteem
  • 3 Peer influence
  • 4 Insecurity and how to deal with it
  • 5 Developments of psychologists

Childhood and environmental influences

Also, surveys conducted by psychologists confirmed that a girl's confidence also depends on the girl's inner circle. Parents are those people who can either help the girl become more self-confident, or hack down the girl's self-esteem. They also conducted a social experiment, for which they took the families of girls for their research.

In the course of the experiment, psychologists found that those children who were constantly supported and loved by their parents, achieved tremendous success in their careers. Well, those girls who lived in a negative environment, for example, parents drank and mocked their children, brought sad fruits.

Such girls not only grew up closed from the opposite sex, but were also afraid to once again make friends and close communication with someone. The environment in which the girls grew up also has its own adjustments. So psychologists found that if in a children's collective, namely a kindergarten or a school, adults were friendly towards girls, then they gained additional confidence due to a friendly attitude.

Since educators and teachers are the subject of imitation for children, therefore, they significantly affect the self-esteem of girls. Polls by British scientists have confirmed this theory.

Influence of parents on a girl's self-esteem2

Why are parents and adults so important. Scientists, together with psychologists, have explained this phenomenon. The thing is that the child's psyche is formed thanks to the very closest environment. Simply put, if a teacher or parent praises a little girl, then he instills confidence in the child. These are the very first landmarks of a little girl in the world around her.

Peer influence3

Relationships with peers during adolescence are also important. British scientists have joined this study. They established the fact that as a teenager, it is very important for girls how many friends and girlfriends she has.

After all, girls at this age, if not stand out against the general background, then at least be on a par with everyone. If this does not happen, then the growing up girl will feel inferior.

tips on how to become more confident
tips on how to become more confident

For a girl to become more self-confident, it is also important for her that her first love is mutual. It is this factor that affects the girl's further self-esteem. Polls conducted among psychologists have confirmed the existence of this fact. Those girls who were least in demand from the opposite sex or suffered from unrequited love assessed themselves in a negative way and also studied negatively.

As a rule, excellent pupils who have the best grades in school, on the contrary, have very high self-esteem, even if they have the most ordinary appearance. The thing is that such children grew up in love and care, and also had a large circle of acquaintances and friends. And if such a girl had unhappy love, then it was much easier to experience her, or even completely forgot in a short period of time.

Insecurity and how to deal with it4

Also, British scientists, together with a group of gestalt psychologists, found that even if a girl grew up as a black sheep in a team and was unloved by her parents, then small successes helped her become more confident in herself. If a girl stopped comparing herself with others and slowly moved towards her goal, then after a couple of months she acquired great self-confidence.

confident girl
confident girl

This time, psychologists conducted a study. They recruited a group of girls with low self-esteem, and then asked them to write on a piece of paper what they wanted to achieve for themselves, regardless of other people's desires.

The girls filled out a questionnaire and, according to the conditions of the training, began to move towards the intended goal. Those girls who achieved their goals in a short time acquired stable self-esteem.

Developments of psychologists5

Also, in our time, psychologists have developed new trainings that help to significantly increase their self-esteem in a short time. To do this, they used the methods of the so-called shock therapy. A girl must firmly say no in response to any request that offends her personal space.

Those girls who did an excellent job with the task and did not allow others to ride on themselves faster achieved great success in their personal lives and careers. In addition, during the trainings, the girls completely changed their style and appearance with the help of clothes and makeup. It helps to increase self-esteem, but only by some 5-10 percent.

Thanks to this, scientists have come to the conclusion that a woman's style has very little effect on her self-esteem, the harmony of a girl between herself and the world around is of primary importance.

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