How To Stop Being Shy About Your Body: The Most Effective Tips

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How To Stop Being Shy About Your Body: The Most Effective Tips
How To Stop Being Shy About Your Body: The Most Effective Tips

Video: How To Stop Being Shy About Your Body: The Most Effective Tips

Video: How To Stop Being Shy About Your Body: The Most Effective Tips
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How to stop being ashamed of your body
How to stop being ashamed of your body

Experts in the field of psychology have established the fact that almost every woman is complex about her body and appearance. Not all of us are able to calmly put on a swimsuit on the beach, buy a dress we like, or feel comfortable next to a guy. Concerns are not something that can be dealt with, but must be fought so that they do not subsequently have an impact on life. But how to stop being ashamed of your body?

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  • 1 Why is the complex developing?
  • 2 How did the fashion for the body change over the entire time?
  • 3 How to overcome any constraints?
  • 4 Opinions of psychologists

Why is the complex developing? I

Uncertainty can develop for several reasons. The main ones include the following:

  1. Alignment with fashion magazines. Every woman at least once in her life leafed through fashionable magazine covers or found photos of celebrities on the Internet. All of them are considered the standards of beauty. But do not forget that before release they go through the stage of retouching. In addition, the stars are made up by stylists who emphasize only their dignity.
  2. Low self-esteem. Very often, many girls or girls received criticism from classmates, classmates, acquaintances, relatives, and friends. It is because of this that they do not like their appearance and are overgrown with complexes.
  3. False modesty. Very often women confuse femininity with debauchery and availability. They deny any manifestation of sexuality, which strains many males.

All these reasons were for every woman. But someone did not pay attention to them, while someone reacted violently and closed themselves off from the whole world.

How has body fashion changed over the entire time?

Beauty standards are constantly changing. And to date, they have already passed more than a dozen stages. But the most memorable over the past 100 years are the following:

acceptance of your body
acceptance of your body
  • 1910 years. The lady should be thin, have a small waist, large breasts, and wide hips. Most often, girls wore corsets and also emphasized the length of the neck.
  • 1920s. There was an androgynous figure that very often resembled the body of a boy.
  • 1930s. The teenage girl was replaced by beautiful curves, large breasts, and a thin waist.
  • 1940s. Most often in the post-war years, large shoulders prevailed, the figure was dense. And it was considered attractive.
  • 1950s. The image of Marilyn Monroe can perfectly describe the image of the model of the girl. Long and slender legs, big hips, beautiful breasts. The hourglass figure has returned to fashion.
  • 1960s. Here, fashion returned again in the 1920s, but much worse. The girls practically did not take care of themselves and raised protests against beauty standards.
  • 1970s An athletic body, an elastic ass, health and strength have come into fashion.
  • 1980 year. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and a toned, beautiful female body have become general trends.
  • 1990's. This is the era of Kate Moss, when high growth, a boyish figure, and also a certain thinness came into fashion.
  • 2000 years. The fashion for beauty standards is completely changing. The figure should be slim and athletic. No big breasts and priests.
  • 2010 years. Curvy shapes have come into fashion, but here there is, nevertheless, an emphasis on an athletic body.
how to stop being shy
how to stop being shy

How to overcome any constraints? 3

How not to be ashamed of your body? Only a few basic rules can be followed:

  1. View from the outside. It is worth looking like a man in love. He does not look at the image in isolation. The picture as a whole is important to him. Falling in love absorbs all the shortcomings and only advantages are visible to a person.
  2. Study of body structure and search for erogenous zones.
  3. The habit of being naked. You can walk at home naked, look in the mirror, choose only favorable postures and lighting.
  4. Sports activities. Even when this does not affect the figure, all the same, the posture will acquire the right place, and the figure will become fit.
  5. Dancing classes where you can develop plasticity.
  6. The attitude that there should be no shyness in relationships with men. His body will completely belong to you, and yours to him.
  7. To relax, you can come up with some fantasies in bed. To do this, you should watch films of erotic content and share your dreams with your partner.
  8. Caring for your body. The skin should be soft, smooth, which will give a very pleasant feeling.
beautiful body
beautiful body

After observing all these rules, we can say that the girl will achieve the desired result in a short period of time.

Opinions of psychologists4

The most important thing to remember is the initial analysis of the cause. Why does your embarrassment appear and how to stop being ashamed of your body? In most cases, the reason lies only in the head. As soon as the answer to the question becomes clear, then you can fully begin to fight.

You can attend various trainings that are dedicated to this topic. A separate item is the self-hypnosis method. The girl must completely eradicate the constraint of her body. The technique works. Special attention should be paid to irony. You need to be ironic about your body and after a while it will become noticeable that others look completely differently.

There are no perfect people. All are imperfect in one way or another. Everyone suffers from some kind of complexes. Only someone will treat this simply, while someone will suffer very serious consequences.

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