How To Deal With Her Whims And PMS So As Not To Ruin The Relationship

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How To Deal With Her Whims And PMS So As Not To Ruin The Relationship
How To Deal With Her Whims And PMS So As Not To Ruin The Relationship

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How to deal with her whims and PMS
How to deal with her whims and PMS

Women's nature is very complicated, girls often resort to some tricks in order to get what they want, and it happens that a girl falls into the power of hormones and does not give an account of her actions at all. In this article, we will tell you how to deal with her whims and PMS, so as not to ruin the relationship, but to look like Mr.Perfect in her eyes.

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First you need to understand what whims and the terrible word PMS are and what is the difference between them.

Whims and PMS: Concept and Main Differences

What is PMS in girls? This is the period before menstruation, when hormones dominate the girl and she cannot give a sober account of her actions. Some female representatives begin to use this catch and justify any of their tantrums or inappropriate behavior by the onset of these days.

It is important to learn to distinguish the real power of hormones from cheap manipulation. If the girl really suffers from PMS, then doing something is pointless. During this period, she does not give an account of her actions, as if a veil falls on her eyes, and the brain turns off. There are two ways out of this situation:

How to treat PMS
How to treat PMS
  • If a girl is dear and loved, then you only have to endure, then we will tell you what actions can be taken to reduce the effect of the "storm".
  • If you communicate only for pleasure in bed, then we strongly recommend that you leave the girl alone for a few days, she can easily find another source where to throw out her negativity.

Whims are the deliberate manipulation of the female sex, the purpose of which is to get what she wants. All women tend to be capricious. They can press on pity. To beg, for example, a ticket to warm countries or a brand new phone, or to portray a complete lack of understanding of the importance of what you ask her to do.

Thus, the main difference is that girls resort to whims on purpose, trying to manipulate their young man, but no one is immune from PMS and even if a woman was able to cope with her emotions, this is not for long, any reason can wake up a new one " storm."

How to deal with her whims and PMS 2

As for women's whims, sooner or later you will need to face them, and you will be forced to indulge them. In addition, there is a certain circle of guys who like this behavior of their second half. They experience real pleasure when a girl first blows her lips, and then changes her sad, resentful look to a smile when she has achieved her goal.

If you also like to play such a game, then your business, there is nothing wrong with whims. Just make sure that the girl sees the line and does not use such manipulations too often. Your beloved can play, and when the whims become more frequent, then inevitably, quarrels occur in the couple.

The PMS situation is more complicated. As noted earlier, only a loving man can cope with this period of psychosis. Here are some tips to help you act at this time:

How to deal with whims
How to deal with whims
  1. Eliminate any humor. At this time, the girls' sense of humor absolutely atrophies, and even more so they do not understand jokes about their mood and periods. Instead, try to be hyper-attentive and caring, share her resentment, listen to all her complaints and support.
  2. Participate in all her problems. Before you met a girl, you probably could not have imagined what PMS is, but bad luck, these days are in a set with your beloved and you can't get away from them. To maintain the relationship, do not pretend that you do not care about her condition, try to understand her and be perfect for a couple of days, very soon her normal state of mind will return to the girl.
  3. It is better to accept and not pester your beloved at this time with requests, especially of a sexual nature. Anyway, at this time she is practically frigid, instead of caresses, you can get a scandal, so it's better not even to start talking about sex, and even more so oral. Just imagine for a second that every month a couple of glasses of blood are poured out of your penis, a little at a time, not all at once. In addition, you have a breakdown, you want sweets all the time, you can gain a couple of kilograms, and your back and stomach can also hurt. Little pleasant, is not it, and in addition to this, your beloved wants sex from you. After this, you will never again come to mind to put pressure on an irritated girl, it is better to just accept and wait for the end of the "fun" days.
  4. The most common mistake of all men is to blame quarrels and scandals on the girl's PMS and at every opportunity to ask: "Isn't that why you are mad darling that you will soon have PMS." Such phrases are very offensive to the girl. Think about it, you do not live with a bag of hormones, but with a person who may just be in a bad mood or in trouble at work.
instruction manual for your beloved
instruction manual for your beloved

After reading this article, you now know how to relate to her whims and PMS, from the latter, by the way, medicine has come up with drug treatment. If your beloved has a very neglected case and these days the devil is infiltrating her, then after an exacerbation, you can gently hint to her about visiting a doctor to consult a possible therapy.

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