How To Start Dating Online: Tips For Both Genders

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How To Start Dating Online: Tips For Both Genders
How To Start Dating Online: Tips For Both Genders
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girl with phone
girl with phone

You can often hear young people complain that they cannot find their other half even on social networks or websites. They don't know how to start dating online in order to get further prospects for a long-term relationship. To make this easier, you can use some rules.

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  • 1 "Look for a woman …"
  • 2 I want a prince on a white horse

"Look for a woman …" _8230

Modern guys would really appreciate a friend like Alex Hitchens, the matchmaker from the movie The Hitch Method. But since in reality it is problematic to find such people, here are a couple of lights on how to start dating men on the Internet.

  • Study the profile of the girl you like. Having recognized her hobbies, you can easily find an excuse for the first messages. For example, her personal photos show a cat or a dog. You shouldn't write a comment like: "Oh, what wonderful creatures of God!" You can write like this: "I would also like to get a pet, can you tell me a couple of tips for the care and maintenance of such an animal?" You should also pay attention to the vacation photos and ask about the places where the girl rested.
  • View playlist. Her favorite music will give an opportunity to start a conversation with such questions: “Hi, we have the same tastes. Do you know that this group will be performing in our city soon? Can we go to a concert together? "
  • Pay attention to the style of clothing and ask for help with choosing a gift, but not for your ex-wife, but for your sister or mother.
how to start dating on the Internet
how to start dating on the Internet
  • To congratulate the girl on the holiday. If she asks with what, and on the calendar is not March 8, you can come up with something original. "Cosmonautics Day" is also not suitable, it is better to say that today, for example, "Day of the most beautiful girls" or "Day of reliability", which means she has no right to refuse to communicate.
  • The cheeky method can help if the stranger's profile photo contains culinary delights. For example, “I have long dreamed of trying this dish, but there is no one to cook it. Can you help? "

The main thing to remember is politeness and literacy. It is not necessary to write an exam on the exam, but messages like: "Hey, girl, I hach ​​you," she will definitely ignore. You can not write messages with a hint of intimacy. This will immediately scare off a potential partner. Do not impose too much and overwhelm the girl with messages. Praising yourself and talking about how brave and strong I am, defeated the dragon and saved mankind from a global flood is also undesirable. By the way, if a guy can make her laugh, then that's half the battle.

I want a prince on a white horse

Not only guys, but also girls think about how to start dating on the Internet. And, as a rule, it is much more difficult for them to do this. And here is a selection of tips just for them.

how to start dating online
how to start dating online
  1. View a photo of a young man. He may be into skiing, diving or a musician. You can ask if this activity is safe. Or whether he dated celebrities. For example, "When you were skiing, were you scared?" or "You are probably good at playing, you should go to a music competition."
  2. Guys love to joke, and a girl can use it to her advantage. You can write this: "Hi, I urgently need to drive to the registry office here, will you be a company?" Or like this: "Hi, I opened a vacancy here, I am looking for a companion to go to the cinema, are you a perfect fit, is this position interested?"
  3. Awaken interest in him. We can say that work is underway on the book and come up with an original title. For example, "I write about the most daring, beautiful and strong guys, could you tell us a little about yourself."
  4. Curiosity is a great thing. By writing, for example, the phrase "I wanted to ask you something, but I looked at your photos and found the answer." This will definitely intrigue him, and he will want to continue communication. Then it makes sense to go to step 2 and come up with some original joke.
  5. A little bragging takes place. “I made a cheesecake and I don’t know who to treat them, would you like to try it next time we meet? Or like this: "I made a new haircut, but there is no one to show it, will you appreciate?"

The main task of the girl is to keep the interest of the man. You can't dump your problems on him. He will not pay a mortgage or build a garage in the country for a girl from the Internet.

how to start dating on the Internet
how to start dating on the Internet

You don't have to show all your aikyu at once. Men are subconsciously afraid of too smart girls. When communicating with a guy, you need to be cheerful and light, so that he was pleased with this communication. It is not advisable to talk to him about a cake pan or a type of rice for Uzbek pilaf. Better to ask what his favorite football team is.

Show more interest in his person, ask for an opinion about something and less about yourself. The mystery woman has always been attracted to the opposite sex. And as Lilya Brik used to say: "A man needs to be inspired how wonderful and even a genius he is."

And the most important thing is the distance. A man is, first of all, a hunter. We must give him the opportunity to conquer himself.

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