What To Do If A Man Is Sitting At Home And Not Working. Tips

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What To Do If A Man Is Sitting At Home And Not Working. Tips
What To Do If A Man Is Sitting At Home And Not Working. Tips

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sad guy

Today, no one will be surprised by the following situation: a woman works, and perhaps even more than one job. He tries his best to provide for his family and make sure that no one needs anything. At this time, the man sits at home and does not even try to find a job. And due to the fact that such situations are becoming more and more every day, many began to believe that this is normal and do not see anything bad in it. But let's hasten to upset - such behavior on the part of a man is absolutely abnormal. First of all, what a real man should do is to be able to provide for his family and make sure that they do not have a need for some kind of additional income.

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How to get out of this situationi

To remedy the situation when the man is at home and the woman is working, it is worth trying the following tips.

1 tip.

For starters, you should try to ignore the fact that your husband does not want to work. Start spending the money you earn only on essential things like groceries, transportation, utilities, and so on. Over time, a man may begin to be indignant that it is bad to stay at home without entertainment and that he needs to get out somewhere. Calm down his ardor and say that your salary is not enough, since all of it is spent on the most necessary things and you cannot afford such luxuries as cinema, cafes and other entertainment. Over time, a man will understand that he cannot do without his help. The instinct of the getter will wake up in him and it is very likely that he will go to some kind of work.

2 advice.

Perhaps the roles should be reconsidered? If everything is going well with your career, you are making progress and are glad that you are working exactly where you need to, then it makes sense to leave everything as it is? Leave the man alone, instruct him to clean up and cook, teach him various cleaning tricks, and then every day you can return to a clean apartment and just have time for dinner, which has not yet cooled down.

what to do if a man does not work
what to do if a man does not work

But before confronting a man with a fact, first you need to talk to him and find out if he is ready for this and whether he will agree to daily cooking and cleaning. If his answer is yes, then we can congratulate you - now everything in your family will work out again.

In the event that you do not like your job, and you want to be in the role of a housewife, then you can complicate the task of your soul mate a little. Ask for a delicious dinner, perfect order, clean dishes so that things are washed and other duties. There is a high probability that very soon he will get tired of performing such duties and he will offer you to change.

3 advice.

If your partner has been looking for a job for a long time and is already completely desperate, then you should not get angry with him and throw a tantrum. Help him, talk to him and ask what he would like to do. Armed with information from a man, ask your friends, acquaintances and relatives. Perhaps they or their acquaintances just need workers and they would gladly take your soul mate.

Of course, it is possible that a man may not like your chosen job and after a while he will want to leave, but to prevent this, you should talk to him. Explain that while he can continue to search for the very job that he would like, but it’s not worth leaving this job, since you need money, but you cannot cope alone.

if a man doesn't work
if a man doesn't work

4 advice.

If all the previous methods failed to reason with your young man, then it is worth a little toughening up your approach to this. Only a stressful situation can force a man in such a situation to do at least something. It can be caused by you leaving home with your belongings. Confront him with the fact that you can't do this anymore, that you need help from him, and if you don't get it, you will pack your things and leave. If your words don’t scare the man and act, or at least try to do something, he doesn’t dare, then move on to your plan. Pack up your things and leave to visit relatives or friends. If the apartment is yours, then pack his things and put him out the door. Such harsh and decisive actions on your part will scare the man and, perhaps, he will come to his senses and decide that it is no longer possible to continue this way and get a job.


Summing up, it is worth saying that such a life situation when a man sits at home is not unpleasant for all women. Many are used to the fact that in the family they are responsible for the budget, and the man is responsible for cleaning and cooking. It's easier for them, and no one scandals that a non-working man is terrible and shameful.

If this is unacceptable for you, then choose any of the tips described above, and proceed with the implementation of your plan. But keep in mind that your partner is no longer a little boy and is able to provide for himself and, if necessary, his family. All the problems that arise in your couple can be easily overcome.

if a man is sitting at home
if a man is sitting at home

The main thing is not to press and scandal less. In this case, you will succeed, and your life together will become ideal again.

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