Two Deadly Sins In One: How Men Seduce With Food

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Two Deadly Sins In One: How Men Seduce With Food
Two Deadly Sins In One: How Men Seduce With Food

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tempting food
tempting food

It turns out that there is an unspoken list of foods that can whet a woman's appetite, which is not gastronomic.

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  • 1 Avocado fever
  • 2 Improper (but sexual) nutrition
  • 3 All the ins and outs in your fridge
  • 4 PP and healthy lifestyle
  • 5 What Women Want
  • 6 Sexy and anti-sexy

Avocado feveri

Food preferences can both increase the chances of getting a hottie and turn a profile into a scorched desert with no likes, according to a new study of more than four million dating app profiles. What the hell? And the whole crap is that some foods and dishes are perceived by us as sexier. No, it's not bananas, everything is much more interesting.

Now to the specifics. If a man indicates in his profile a love of gluttony without specifying specific addictions, he will have a good chance to get the attention of a large number of girls. But! If in his profile he is called a fan of guacamole, then the number of those wishing to meet will increase by 144%! General insanity? Guacamole fans, in turn, proudly chant to our reproaches: "I refuse to speak without my avocado!"

Improper (but sexual) nutrition2

In addition to lovers of proper nutrition, there are also attractive lovers of potatoes and cocoa beans in the vastness of the Universe. When potatoes are mentioned in the profile, the number of responses increases by 101%, and when the word "chocolate" is used, the dialogues will explode with messages, the number of which will jump by 100%.

All the ins and outs in your fridge3

Dina Cobden, a relationship coach, told Playboy that you shouldn't underestimate the power of food when it comes to relationships. Gastronomic addictions, attitude to food in general, can pass us down with giblets - lifestyle, health, a propensity for adventure and adventure, and much more.

Everyone loves to eat well. Therefore, a frank declaration of love for potatoes, chocolate or avocado will help not only to strike up a casual conversation, but also increase the chances of finding a second half.

Don't hide your culinary talents either - both girls and guys who know how to cook receive 26% more messages than their rivals who can't handle instant noodles.

food seduction
food seduction

PP and HLS4

Surprisingly, the mention of all sorts of "correct", "vegan", "organic" products causes a positive response, while the familiar and familiar fried chicken does not have such a success. Has the entire world really gone over to eating right, or are dating app users dishonest hypocrites?

What women want5

In addition, the experiment showed that most women will not be happy with an invitation to a first date at fast food (this is more suitable for a twenty-first date, when no one is showing off to anyone), but sushi restaurants are cool, fashionable, great and almost haute cuisine in general. How are burgers significantly different from fish in seaweed? It just so happened in our culture that hot dogs and cutlets under ruddy buns are an everyday and ordinary dish, and besides, it is also terribly harmful. But the fish wrapped in rice is perceived by us as an exquisite dish of Japanese cuisine, which can be eaten even by ever-losing reeds and which is not a shame to post on Instagram. The fact that some rolls are coated with mayonnaise and fried until crisp, the filters in the photo are tactfully silent.

food as a way of seduction
food as a way of seduction

Ultimately, women just want to be loved and cared for. Girls want to see guys try desperately to please them. Even if the end result is a fiasco, the efforts will not go unnoticed. Women, in turn, should often talk about their desires, and in plain text, without equivocations. "How to let a man understand what you want", "How to hint to him about your desires." Damn it, woman, why buy tons of psychological books, if I can put it bluntly? If you want guacamole, ask for guacamole! If you want chicken wings, take your man to KFC, not to the sushi bar!

Sexy and anti-sexy6

Chicken wings were said to be the least sexy dish. Undoubtedly, mouth-watering wings in a spicy sauce are a real bliss for everyone who did not manage to classify themselves as vegetarians and advocates of proper nutrition. But gnawing into this culinary masterpiece does not always look aesthetically pleasing, and therefore you should not order this dish on the first date. It is better to run into KFC after the rendezvous and enjoy a tasty treat alone, and switch to more aesthetic dishes for a romantic dinner.

What products made it to the top sexy? Desserts, wine, cheese, ice cream, oysters and fondue. Nothing new, nothing shocking. The standard dating set is a win-win. You can also try guacamole, of course. And if your companion is a fan of healthy eating, then feed him an avocado, and make a green smoothie for breakfast, and he or she will squeak with delight.

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