An Ordinary Gentleman Or We Are Looking For Not An Ordinary Man

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An Ordinary Gentleman Or We Are Looking For Not An Ordinary Man
An Ordinary Gentleman Or We Are Looking For Not An Ordinary Man
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All girls dream of meeting a decent man. Well, except for the very sophisticated masochists. What do we mean by "a decent man"? This is a nice-looking guy who knows how to look good and uses it, kind and well-mannered, who will give a hand and give way in transport. He is witty, does not use flat sexist jokes. Educated, can keep up a conversation on any topic. Strong in body and spirit. Now wipe your drool and tell me, how can you describe such a treasure in one word? Come on, raise your eyes and read the hint in the title of the article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Hygiene
  • 3 Censorship
  • 4 Maturity
  • 5 Gallantry
  • 6 Strength
  • 7 Beautiful ladies



It would be great if, as a gentleman walks along the street, a suitable soundtrack was turned on, and you immediately grabbed the prey, bypassing all the unworthy.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a movie, and therefore we had to sweat a lot and collect a list of qualities that a real gentleman should correspond to. GOST, so to speak.


Modern gentlemen are not obliged to go out for bread in a suit, tie and shoes polished to a shine (only if they really want to).

These men look stylish even if they wear jeans and a shirt that first fell out of the closet.

How would you define "stylish woman"? The one that takes from modern trends only what emphasizes its dignity and reflects individuality. She will not frantically buy up fashionable rags and hang decorations on herself like she is a Christmas tree. A stylish woman is one who presents any clothes profitably and expensively, because she walks confidently, beautifully and giving everyone a languid smile.

Here's the same thing, only with men. The gentleman knows perfectly well what things suit him, how to combine them and looks equally beautiful in a tuxedo and jeans.

Whether we like it or not, we are greeted by clothes. Its neatness, cleanliness and neatness largely reflect the inner world of its wearer.


It's trite, we don't argue. But do all men comply with this point? Do all beard trend lovers make sure that their pride looks neat and not scary? Do all long-haired young men look like beautiful Vikings?

That's the same.

A haircut that suits a man, well-groomed facial hair and, of course, a daily shower. Plus deodorant and a good perfume (which he didn't pour on himself like the last time).


If a gentleman swears, then he does it clearly to the point. He will not shout obscenities on the street or on public transport (even if his interlocutor deserves it).

who is an ordinary gentleman
who is an ordinary gentleman

He is not a Disney prince and can respond to an opponent in his language. But there is a big difference between "swearing" and "swearing".


Unfortunately, maturity is not determined by passport age. And given the fact that most young people like to go to extremes (some consider themselves old and failed in their careers at 24, while others at 25 behave at seventeen), in order to find out the real age of a man, you need to talk to him.

Maturity is manifested in the ability to deftly switch from a playful tone to a serious one, in the ability to take responsibility. Do not blame your parents, children, brother, sister, an evil fifth-grade math teacher, the country, the Universe and others like them for your problems. A mature man knows how not only to boast of victories, but also to admit his mistakes and defeats. He treats mistakes as a rewarding experience.


We have included in this concept the whole set of qualities that is called good breeding. The gentleman greets friends, neighbors and colleagues. If he does not like someone, the gentleman will not creep in front of him. But provoking a conflict is not in his interests either.

ordinary gentleman
ordinary gentleman

A gentleman will always lend a helping hand to a lady in trouble, and will do it disinterestedly. Holding the door, letting the girl go ahead, and not bursting in the door, sweeping away everyone and everything - this is what we imagine, savoring the word "gentleman" in our mouths.


Physical strength - certainly. The gentleman does not sit still, from just holding the doors you can pump up muscles well. And, of course, fortitude. Such a man will not complain about life to everyone and everything and whine about how unhappy he is. He prefers to solve his problems on his own, and for support he turns to trusted close people.

A truly strong man will never offend a weak man. Firstly, because it is not fair, and secondly, because it is a sign of cowardice. And the tongue will not turn to accuse him of cowardice.

For beautiful ladies7

If you dream of meeting a notorious gentleman or just a decent man, then remember that like attracts like. Have you watched movies? In the end, any gentleman is looking for a lady to match.

what does ordinary gentleman mean
what does ordinary gentleman mean

Even if she allows herself strong expressions or knows how to whistle with her fingers in her mouth, she does it surprisingly elegantly. And he never bets on vulgarity, as he knows the line between sexuality and vulgarity.

On this, let me take my leave.

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