Mathematical Error Or Why Are We Time?

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Mathematical Error Or Why Are We Time?
Mathematical Error Or Why Are We Time?

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Have you ever heard the rule of multiplication and division by three? Now, of course, we are not talking about arithmetic textbooks and school desks. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that the compilers of textbooks also like to fantasize about big numbers - otherwise where do tasks like: "Misha bought fifteen pineapples, Sasha bought twenty limes, how many fruits did the boys get?" This begs the question rather: "What kind of party are these guys having, and how to get there?"

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There is a legend on the Internet that if you ask a guy how many girls have been in his bed, the resulting number must be divided by three. And if an intimate question was asked to a girl, then she clearly diminished her merits - increase her answer three times.

There is a lot of truth in this - more often than not, only best friends and girlfriends know the real numbers. And the conspirators' partners receive information in slightly embellished volumes.

But there is an exception to any rule. Some women prefer to multiply their bedding experience, while men, on the contrary, present themselves as almost monks. A natural question arises: "Why?"

Multiplication tablei

From time immemorial, it has become a tradition that very strict requirements are imposed on the weak half of humanity, and the term, ahem, denoting a woman with low social responsibility has no masculine gender.

The maximum number of sexual partners "walking up" in a lifetime is calculated mainly for lovely ladies.

That is why multiplication of experience has always been exclusively male fun. The sex giant gains the status of "alpha male" and sex authority in the company - his less experienced friends come to bow to the sage to get advice and gain knowledge.

It turns out that girls are absolutely angelic and unearthly creatures who, using the word "sex", close their ears and run away to another room?

No matter how it is. 2

The fair sex is also inclined to “round” up. This is done most often in a circle of close friends. Or distant, but sophisticated experience, against which the lady is afraid to be known as a blue stocking.

Research suggests that the average age of deprivation of innocence has moved forward for years. Oddly enough, there are much more inexperienced singles in large cities and countries. But while one half "keeps pace with the times," the other learns all the joys of life as dashingly as the heroes of American comedies, abundantly released in the 2000s.

reasons for lying
reasons for lying

Opposites, as you know, attract, and therefore the former often find themselves in the same company with the latter. And now these "Sex" lagging behind in discipline begin to sculpt fairy tales, like Hans Christian Andersen.

It is a mistake to believe that life is difficult only for inexperienced guys, and virginal girls are deified and extolled. In most cases, the lack of sexual experience causes a lot of inconvenience to both sexes.

Division rules3

Why would men with an impressive track record hide their bedding experience? The reasons for this may be different.

Our attitude to sex is largely determined by the people around us. Of course, cinema, literature and gloss leave in our head many cliches that bring as much agony as a cheap tattoo made in adolescence.

why girls lie
why girls lie

But the heroes of films and TV series seem so distant! We reassure ourselves that this is all fiction. This does not happen in life.

What is the norm, what should be sex, at what age, in what quantities and with whom - we begin to look for answers to these and other questions, focusing on our friends and acquaintances, colleagues and classmates. Or flatmates - when you share a home with a temperamental neighbor or neighbor, you will know everything about sex, whether you like it or not.

Therefore, a gentleman who is in the "Slutty League" many steps higher than all his entourage, no, no, and will begin to doubt whether he is right about sexual relations.

Very carefully, but we will nevertheless touch on the topic of religion - the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, from aggressively religious families, often resort not only to small lies, but also to operations to restore virginity. If you haven’t heard of this yet, then, in short, the scheme is as follows: the libertine comes to the clinic, pays a certain amount, and, how to put it mildly, her vicious past is erased. They restore the hymen. What progress has come!

lie to each other
lie to each other

Set aside hysteria4

Lie or tell the truth? If there was one answer to all questions regarding inter-sex relations, then sexologists would have gone bankrupt long ago.

When belittling or exaggerating real numbers, make sure that a narrow circle of knowledgeable people does not let your partner know how the situation really is. Tears, snot, unsubscribing on Instagram - why such stress? Either cut the truth-uterus, or lie beautifully.

Cinema on the topic: "How much do you have?" with Anna Faris and Chris Evans. The main character is a charming blonde who suffers from her debauchery. Who will this comedy "go" to? Girls suffering from their debauchery, lovers of funny blondes, fans of Chris Evans and just half-naked handsome men, as well as fans of vulgar comedies without excessive sentimentality. Spoiler alert: a happy ending and a wonderful idea that a person who sees you in his future will be ready to accept your past as well.

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