Girls Find Men With Dogs Sexier

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Girls Find Men With Dogs Sexier
Girls Find Men With Dogs Sexier

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men with dogs are considered sexier
men with dogs are considered sexier

Dog-loving men seem sexier and more trustworthy to women. Hopefully this will reassure you the next time you come to a trashed apartment or find a bitten off sneaker that cost like a salary and a half (or five scholarships).

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Countless studies confirm that a person who lovingly scratches the fur of a husky or a plump pug is more likely to have a kind heart than his neighbor, who hates all living things (two-legged or on four legs - no difference). In addition, disappointing statistics indicate that dog lovers are mostly cheerful and happy people, but cat lovers are sad loners.

Of course, statistics are not the ultimate truth, a person can be happy even with a Persian cat, even with a tarantula or a raccoon in his arms (although gifs on the Internet indicate that the owner of a raccoon can only be a mad neurotic or a pacifist who has learned Zen) …

Let's dwell on the research conducted by Facebook. Yes, of course, it doesn't smell like science, but since this social network is used by about a billion people, you should pay attention to the data provided by the resource.

There should be a joke about the fact that Facebook is always ready to provide data, but we did not come up with it.

So that's it. Portrait of a dog owner: a cheerful and cheerful person, a worthy member of society. Active, athletic (mom's friend's son with a porn actor's dick) Cat Lover: Sad, emotional anime lover and home recluse. Controversial, controversial, but there is something in this. To clean the litter box, you don't need to get dressed and walk down the stairs to the street.

Also, dog lovers are considered sexier than cat lovers. What guided the compilers of statistics - God knows, but we ourselves are already offended for the owners of the felines.

A recent study found that a man who walks his dog in the morning is much sexier than the stronger sex, who treat dogs with coolness, and at five in the morning they can be raised to their feet only by a hangover. But don't buy a puppy right away if you are not ready to take responsibility for the animal. Irresponsibility is anti-sex.

sexy guy with a dog
sexy guy with a dog

Petsies conducted an interesting experiment: a thousand subjects were shown photos of people with cats and dogs in their arms. The purpose of the experiment: to find out whether this or that pet is able to increase the attractiveness of its owner. The results are stunning.

Guys with puppies in their arms were immediately recorded as sexy, attractive and trustworthy representatives of the stronger sex.

Size Matters

There is a nuance here - the dimensions of the dog cause different reactions in women. So a man gently hugging a puppy to his chest inspires confidence and seems kind, empathetic and sexually attractive. And the owner of a solid dog seems to be as brutal as the Doberman he walks.

After all, who doesn't like cute puppies? Only psychopaths, not otherwise.

Now to be specific: owners of small and medium-sized dogs look sexier, and breeders of large-sized animals inspire more confidence. And no wonder - if you can handle two crazy huskies, you can be relied on (and your nervous system too).

sexy guy with a dog
sexy guy with a dog

As for the girls, according to the study, female cats were named less sexy than the girls who were photographed without pets. And besides, the female cats inspired more … fear. This is probably due to the well-established stereotypes of insane single women living with forty cats. And besides, dogs are considered much more loyal and friendly creatures of God.

Men, on the other hand, win here: girls find cat guys attractive and sexy. How hard it is to be a woman!

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