The Secret Knowledge Of Bearded Men You Should Know

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The Secret Knowledge Of Bearded Men You Should Know
The Secret Knowledge Of Bearded Men You Should Know

Video: The Secret Knowledge Of Bearded Men You Should Know

Video: The Secret Knowledge Of Bearded Men You Should Know
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knowledge of bearded men
knowledge of bearded men

Guys, time to put off your Gillette McFree until better times.

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Get excitedi

Sooner or later, even the most freedom-loving wanderers begin to feel a sense of loneliness and dream of the arms of a beautiful lady. And with the onset of cold weather it becomes even more necessary - all the same, it is more pleasant to hug with a pretty girl than with a heater.

But according to new intelligence from scientists, a clean-shaven chin is far from the sexiest part of a man's body. A youthfully innocent face without signs of vegetation does not at all contribute to a woman's sexual interest.

In short, many girls prefer men with thick, heroic beards that you can run your delicate fingers into. A woman would rather go on a date with a man than with a fledgling youth. And it is the thick hair on the face that signals the woman about the masculinity of its owner.

A study from the University of Queensland found that girls are super-turned on at the sight of bearded handsome men. By the way, for a serious relationship, they consider just such brutals, and not boys sparkling with bare chins.

Calm down2

Stop stop, boys with bare chins, don't panic. There is a merchant for each product, as they say. Be that as it may, in the world there are many beautiful women in all respects who like exactly a clean-shaven face. So, beard is cool, no beard is cool too.

Get to the bottom of the truth3

Science explains such a small female fetish as follows: a beard makes a man look masculine, strong and brutal. It is from such qualities that women's eyes light up, because these are the characteristics that an ideal husband and father should have. Evolution made ladies dream of guardians who will always warm up and protect from all adversity.

Secrets of bearded men
Secrets of bearded men

But you should not immediately think that from just the sight of a thick beard, a woman will immediately try to close up six children from her carrier. These are all the tricks of the unconscious, but in fact the ladies are quite capable of controlling themselves (this explanation is also for impressionable girls who, after reading the article, are afraid to go to coffee houses, so as not to inadvertently pounce on some bearded man).

Get inspired4

And for smooth-skinned guys who are still hesitant about changing their image, we advise you to take a look at the Instagram celebrity account @danbilzerian. In Dan's bio, the warning "21+" is eloquent. The rich life of this guy is brightened up by girls, as if descended from the covers of Playboy. His entire profile seems to proclaim the rejection of razor blades and shaving foam. Just a beard, only sex bombs around.