Horror Stories For Men Or What A Loved One Is Afraid Of In Bed

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Horror Stories For Men Or What A Loved One Is Afraid Of In Bed
Horror Stories For Men Or What A Loved One Is Afraid Of In Bed

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Horror stories for men
Horror stories for men

Little boys are afraid of the dark and twos, adolescents of acne, spontaneous erections and hairy palms, but what drives a grown man crazy? Well, yes, he already knows that there are no monsters in the dark, that masturbation does not grow hair on the palms, and the unexpected riser no longer drives into the paint.

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  • 1 State of non-standing
  • 2 "And the young fighter suddenly bowed his head …"
  • 3 "Small spool, but dear"
  • 4 Rate of fire apparatus
  • 5 “Stick, stick, cucumber. It turned out to be a little man "

State of non-standing i

This fear begins to haunt men by the age of 40. This age line has some kind of magic in the male mind. Yes, no doubt, there may be problems, but this does not mean that such a thing as the lack of an erection after 40 years is a regularity. All you need is to see a specialist. The point is that erectile dysfunction is a signal of health problems.

And most often, having found and solved the problem, the erection is restored. But, before starting to solve the problem in a civilized way, a man, headlong, rushes to have a mistress. Desirable young, passionate, busty and long-legged, otherwise the wife is not the same, which means it is not worth it because of her. "Gray hair in a beard - a devil in a rib", is it familiar? That's a saying about this …

For the period of searching for a problem, you can use a pump. A gorgeous piece for instant cocking of a gun on alert. And loyalty to his wife will remain, and sex will be like in the good old days.

"And the young fighter suddenly bowed his head …" 2

And how many hysterics were experienced when the "friend" decided to end his work shift at the most inopportune moment? And how it all began gorgeous: the boner - you can't tear off the belly, the bells are ringing, combat readiness is number 1, the speed is excellent, fatigue is 0, the partner is convulsing. And then … Bryk, shmyak, hr-hr-hr …

Everything hung and fell asleep. Situevina is terrible. Adequate, loving old fighting friend will just shrug her shoulders, because her beloved has hands, fingers and tongue. But the "one-day girlfriend" or "new girl", on whom great hopes are pinned, can be ridiculed, if not written off from men's accounts forever.

male fears in sex
male fears in sex

What can help? Erectile ring and psychologist. A one-time fall is not fatal, but it can drive you into complexes and provoke the emergence of a persistent “non-stalker” syndrome.

"Small spool, but dear" 3

The eternal misfortune of all men, without exception, is the caliber of the weapon. Well, take out and put them all "25 cm without a head." It doesn't work that way. And, yes, such a size is also not ice: the partner is not a kebab to be pounded on such a spit.

Size doesn't really matter. Well, except for the micropenis up to 3 cm. And this is already a pathology, from which there is only one way out: plastic surgery. In all other cases, you just need to hone your skills. And then the partner will not notice the true state of affairs. Rather, she just won't care.

A specialist andrologist will come to the rescue. He will tell you about gadgets and techniques for penis enlargement, if you really can't have a "grenade launcher".

bed phobias of men
bed phobias of men

Rate of fire apparatus4

"Piu-piu-piu", but it took only 3 minutes! Oh, trouble, trouble, chagrin! Well, yes, you can't argue with that. Such sprinters are very often in a state of mental confusion. This is understandable: I was hoping for a super night, but it turned out, as always. The reasons are numerous:

  • prolonged lack of sex, the so-called "sailor's syndrome";
  • overexcitation;
  • juvenile sexual hyperactivity (under 25);
  • physiological feature or heredity.

Premature ejaculation is classified by experts as up to 2 minutes of sexual intercourse. All other time periods are considered normal. Well, except for prolonged intercourse that lasts more than 15 minutes.

If the problem seems significant, then ointments, sprays and gels will come to the rescue, reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis, early masturbation, and the regularity of sexual intercourse.

sexual experiences of men
sexual experiences of men

“Stick, stick, cucumber. It turned out to be a little man "5

The main fear of all free men is pregnancy. This is their nightmare, daytime horror and lifelong phobia. Everyone, of course, knows where children come from, and how to prevent the appearance of an unexpected heir, but they often hope at random, and they simply forget about elementary physiology.

The fact is that some comrades put on a condom just before ejaculation, not realizing that the lubricant that is released in the process contains the strongest and healthiest sperm. It is in such situations that men shrug their shoulders in shock: "I never finished in her!" Yeah, I didn't finish, I just greased it … For life.

But condoms will not only protect your partner from pregnancy. They will also save you from STDs, that is, from sexually transmitted diseases, which are frequent companions of casual relationships.

male fears in bed
male fears in bed

The conclusions are simple: a man may well be a fearless macho if he does not hysteria on every occasion. It's amazing how others live happily, having a small size, not arranging sex marathons for the duration, humorously referring to the "quirks" of their "friend" and becoming a father when the birth of a child is a joy. Probably because they don't suck problems out of the blue?

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