Astrologers Have Figured Out What Turns Women On: Sexual Astrology

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Astrologers Have Figured Out What Turns Women On: Sexual Astrology
Astrologers Have Figured Out What Turns Women On: Sexual Astrology
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what turns women on
what turns women on

Does she like romance or does she like hardcore sex? All this can be calculated by her zodiac sign.

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  • 1 Aquarius
  • 2 Pisces
  • 3 Aries
  • 4 Taurus
  • 5 Gemini
  • 6 Cancer
  • 7 Leo
  • 8 Virgo
  • 9 Libra
  • 10 Scorpio
  • 11 Sagittarius
  • 12 Capricorn

Have you ever thought about what a woman likes in bed before making love to her for the first time? You're in luck, because you can find out without asking unnecessary questions.

Of course, you can take her to your home and she will demonstrate her preferences herself. Isn't it better to be fully prepared in advance? All you need is to know her zodiac sign.

If you believe in astrology and pseudoscience, you already know that your zodiac sign says a lot about you, from how you behave in your daily life to choosing your career path. But also a sign can tell a lot about what a person is in bed. Who knew? Find out what turns girls on the most!

So, the next time you're flirting with a girl, be sure to ask her what her zodiac sign is.


An Aquarius's greatest excitement comes from a spontaneous passionate romance, so you never know what will happen when you have an Aquarius girl. They are very open to new experiences, so don't be surprised if she offers a threesome or if she asks to shove something up her ass.

Pisces 2

First of all, you should know that Pisces tends to be very generous in all areas of life, including sex. And this is very good, because you will feel very satisfied after having sex with Pisces.

You should also be aware that this sign is leg obsessed. The fish have a fetish for it. So be prepared for the fact that she wants to caress your feet or asks you to do so. Love for the feet of fish in the heart.

Aries 3

Aries is ruled by Mars. This means that Aries is cocky, energetic and open to different things, especially those that deliver adrenaline. That's why they enjoy 50 Shades of Gray hardcore sex. If you find yourself in bed with Aries, get ready, my friend, for a wild ride.

female signs
female signs

Taurus 4

Taurus craves sensuality and romantic atmosphere during sex, so it would be wise to invest in scented candles to light them for romance.

Taurus still love to eat. Use whipped cream, honey or strawberries to play your love games. In general, act according to the situation.

Gemini 5

Geminis are known to be witty, so get ready to chat during sex. At the same time, they love to talk about dirty deeds. And who doesn't love?

Thanks to their desire to experiment, Gemini girls love to change roles, add something new and unusual all the time. Today they want a measured rhythm in sex, and tomorrow a breakneck speed.


Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, which can be viewed from the good and bad sides. On the one hand, they get turned on quickly when they feel safe. On the other hand, she can burst into tears during intercourse, which has a devastating effect on the sexual atmosphere.

Either way, Cancers love romance, sensual touch, and role-playing. Nurse? Maid? Stewardess? Each time you can choose new roles.

what turns women on
what turns women on


Leo loves passionate, animal sex, with lots of scratches, bites, and hair pulling. Especially if it's on the street, on the beach, or in the field.

However, you should be aware that Leo craves attention and gets really dejected when the world doesn't revolve around them. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to her female needs.

Virgo 8

Don't be fooled by the name of this sign - Virgin Mary is not at all a shy little virgin. In bed, Virgo loves to be submissive, with a sexy role play and blindfold.

Libra 9

Libra loves sex and luxury. Their fantasies are hard to predict. For example, they would easily put on a suit of chains and latex, dyed with chains, and then skillfully portray a nun. They also don't mind playing around with dildos and handcuffs.

However, wrap your lady in sexy luxury. Take her to a 5-star hotel, sip a bottle of champagne and whisper Hemingway quotes in her ear before indulging in lovemaking.

sex by zodiac signs
sex by zodiac signs

Scorpio 10

Scorpios are notorious for being heartless sociopaths, but that doesn't matter because they are really, really good in bed.

If you ever go with a Scorpio, you should know that their image is shrouded in mystery, which can turn out to be anything from masks in the bedroom to semi-public sex in the alley.

Sagittarius 11

Sagittarius is a master of seduction, so making love will be amazing. They are passionate and only want the best sex a man has to offer.

But here's the thing - the Sagittarius woman does not want to be fettered by obligations, so a love relationship can be short-lived. But still, no matter how short it is, it will be hot.

Capricorn 12

Capricorns are dominant people and they strive to please their partner in any way they can. They also do weird things like choking, spanking and sex with older people.

That's it. Everything you need to know about a woman and her zodiac sign. Good luck guys.

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