Acupuncture: Oriental Wisdom For Sexual Health

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Acupuncture: Oriental Wisdom For Sexual Health
Acupuncture: Oriental Wisdom For Sexual Health

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acupuncture for sex
acupuncture for sex

When dealing with sexual difficulties, many of us often overlook some important aspects. And then it turns out that the chosen strategy is not particularly effective simply due to its one-sidedness. The inhabitants of European civilization often sin with such a one-sided approach.

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In contrast to them, representatives of Eastern cultures tend to look at the human body as an integral system capable of restoring itself through various aspects of being. One of the effective systems aimed at healing the whole body is acupuncture.

Eastern and Western Medicinei

If you have problems with potency or achieving orgasm, a Western doctor will definitely say that the difficulty lies in the peculiarities of the functioning of internal organs. However, in the East, a more holistic interpretation has been adopted. The supporters of traditional Chinese medicine in such cases will talk about the lack of energy "Yin" or "Qi", which can have a bad effect on sex life.

Sexuality is a complex complex of biological, psychological, spiritual, and other factors. There are people who adhere to a strictly Western approach in their views. Others believe that traditional Chinese medicine may be even more effective than recent treatments in Europe and America.

The Chinese Medicine Approach to Health and Well-being: What You Need to Know2

Baljit Hamba, M.D. from California, considers acupuncture to be an easy and relatively safe way to function Chi energy for those who are deficient in Chi. “There is not much research on this score,” he says in an interview. “However, even those few experiments that have been conducted by scientists have shown that acupuncture can be useful for solving sexual problems. With the help of acupuncture such diseases as vaginismus, anorgasmia, hormonal disorders and many other difficulties are successfully treated."

One of these scientific studies was carried out in November 2013. It involved 35 men and women who suffered from various sexual dysfunctions resulting from the use of antidepressants. The study authors note that between 50 and 90% of people using drugs in this class experience sexual dysfunction.

acupuncture treatment
acupuncture treatment

The subjects were treated with acupuncture sessions lasting 15 minutes. During the procedure, various points were involved: they were located in the region of the kidneys, bladder, heart and other parts of the body. By the end of the study, women reported an increase in sex drive, and men reported improved erections and relief from premature ejaculation.

Dr. Hamba believes that acupuncture will be beneficial for any sexual dysfunction. “I believe this method should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and traditional medical procedures. If the patient suffers from an unpleasant condition that affects his libido, the acupuncturist will look for the root cause of this disorder and use needles at those points that correspond to this diagnosis.

Operating principle3

Since the purpose of acupuncture is to improve the energy state, sometimes clients do not understand why the specialist places the needles at certain points. For example, a patient may present with pelvic pain. A acupuncturist will use needles on other parts of the body. This is normal, since important energy centers are often located far from the immediate focus of the disease.

In acupuncture, the effect is carried out on special biologically active points. Their number on the surface of the human body is about 700. These points are special points of interaction of the skin, nerve endings and internal organs. They have the highest electrical potential; they also differ in their pain sensitivity. In traditional oriental medicine, it is believed that by acting on them, you can activate the Qi energy, influence the processes that take place in the body.

traditional oriental medicine works wonders
traditional oriental medicine works wonders

The most important thing is a competent specialist4

Some people believe that acupuncture does not require much preparation. But in fact, this method can be absolutely safe for the body only if used correctly. A poorly prepared person can press the wrong point, and instead of inhibiting energies, he will cause them to surge. Therefore, the choice of a specialist must be approached with special attention.

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