Why Are Girls Crazy About 50 Shades Of Gray? All The Reasons

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Why Are Girls Crazy About 50 Shades Of Gray? All The Reasons
Why Are Girls Crazy About 50 Shades Of Gray? All The Reasons

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50 shades of grey
50 shades of grey

Has our reader ever wondered why all women get excited about the mega-bestseller Fifty Shades of Gray? After all, if you look soberly and for a while forget about the enthusiastic responses, it becomes clear: there are hardly any men in the immediate environment who are sincerely interested in the epic about Christian and Anastacia.

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  • 1 "Ladies" novel?
  • 2 How it all began and what it led to
  • 3 The opinion of a journalist
  • 4 "And the casket was just opening": the reason for the popularity of the trilogy is in biology
  • 5 Women's preferences

Meanwhile, girls are attracted to this cinematic BDSM masterpiece much more. Much the same as it was at the time with the "Twilight" saga about the vampire Edward and the simple girl Belle.

"Ladies" novel? I

Why is “Fifty Shades of Gray” a piece that is almost entirely in the focus of women's attention? The situation here is paradoxical: this film has become popular among the fair sex in the same way as watching Indian television series. Although men are very fond of porn and erotica, for some reason their attention was bypassed by the "50 shades of gray".

How it all began and what it led to 2

This work was originally published on an unknown Australian site. This significant event took place in 2011. After that, sales of the trilogy seemed to explode - thousands of copies of books left in every part of the world. The American newspaper The New York Times reported that it sold 65 million copies in two years.

Simply fantastic! This makes the book one of the best-selling books in the history of mankind. By comparison, the blockbuster The Da Vinci Code took 10 years to sell 25 million copies.

Why do girls like it so much
Why do girls like it so much

Journalist's opinion 3

Here is what journalist Michelle Castlemann from America says: “I know several women who have read '50 Shades' - at least the first volume. Some people didn't like the book. However, there are only a few of them. Most of the ladies I knew just devoured her, and all had similar reactions. When I asked to tell about the book, they smiled shyly and called “50 shades” a special pleasure: a little embarrassing, weird, but very passionate."

The journalist himself expresses an unequivocal opinion about the book. “Yes, this trilogy is filled with what is commonly called BDSM. However, I personally did not particularly like the plot itself. The story is very boring and tedious, the characters are not particularly impressive. Dialogues are clumsy, sex also makes you yawn. But what surprises me is the author's skill in describing female sexual fantasies. And also the fact that ladies everywhere resent the fact that their men are watching porn. While they themselves do not neglect to read such novels. Isn't that discrimination, girls?"

"And the casket just opened": the reason for the popularity of the trilogy is in biology4

Gender fantasies have prompted a recent experiment by researchers Ogi Ogas and Sadi Gaddam to publish the book A Billion Evil Thoughts. Scientists have started researching the most popular queries on Google. And all this is to reveal the content of the deepest erotic fantasies of men and women.

What attracts girls
What attracts girls

According to the coauthors, sexual fantasies of both sexes focus on their fundamental mission. Male genes are better preserved if a male fertilizes more women. As a result, the erotic fantasies of most guys are associated with pornography.

As for women, they need reliable men who are at a high level of the social hierarchy. This is necessary for the offspring to be reliably protected from predators and other members of the tribe. That is why women are more attracted to high-status, wealthy men. The clear representative of which is the already mentioned Christian Gray.

Women's preferences 5

It should be borne in mind that in all women's novels, men are in many ways similar to each other. They seem to be copied from one character: tall, physically strong, authoritative. Ogas and Gaddam analyzed the texts of more than 10,000 women's novels published between 1983 and 2008.

It turned out that most often they used words such as: "tall", "fit", "attractive", "muscular", "broad shouldered" to describe men. Unlike women's novels, when searching for porn, users most often send requests for "young", "breasts", "vagina", "cheating" and many more, many all sorts of obscenities.

Why do girls love so much
Why do girls love so much

So Christian's popularity is largely due to his domineering nature and the evolutionary desire in women to feel more protected. This character only continued the series of "alpha males" in literature and cinema: kings, princes, knights, barons and billionaires.

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