The Scent Of A Female Body Or What Does Female Fragrance Mean?

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The Scent Of A Female Body Or What Does Female Fragrance Mean?
The Scent Of A Female Body Or What Does Female Fragrance Mean?
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The smell of a female body
The smell of a female body

It has long been known that each person is unique and inimitable. It is for this reason that many highlight the most diverse qualities that distinguish people from each other. In this case, most often, external signs are taken as a basis, completely forgetting that it is impossible to see with the eyes.

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For example, aromas. The odor of the female body has been proven to be the strongest of all. Even men's sweat or deodorant can't match this invisible fleur that every young lady has. And even health may depend on how well you learn to recognize it.

Unhealthy fragrance

Some men tend to romanticize the scent that a woman exudes. That is why, according to the guys, some ladies smell either of roses, or of violets, or of overseas sweets. Perhaps, on the one hand, this is true - after all, some people like to use perfume regularly. But on the other hand, a real, not disguised scent can actually signal health problems that modern people have a couple of pieces.

For example, any fungal infection can give off a quite perceptible sour smell. And if there is a smell of acetone from the mouth, you should check with a doctor and make sure that there is no diabetes, since it is he who can have similar manifestations. There are many ways to determine with the sense of smell if a person has a problem, or if you can relax.

Healthy organs don't have the most attractive odor either. The kidneys smell like rotten meat, the heart burns, and the liver smells like lamb meat. If any of these smells change, you can feel it, but no one will sniff themselves so carefully. However, it has been proven that the smell of girls is much more perceived by the opposite sex. And the question is: why?

Female attractiveness2

Even in ancient times, when the first people were guided by solid instincts, people relied on their nose as much as on their eyes. The scent allowed them to track down prey, find food and a safe place. He also helped find the most powerful and prolific partner. This especially worked with the fair sex.

Already today, scientists have proven that a large amount of estrogen and a low amount of progesterone add a special charm to every young lady. And all because her scent becomes exciting and attractive. And this is not surprising - women are more capable than others of reproducing large and healthy offspring.

what do the fragrances of girls mean
what do the fragrances of girls mean

And although modern man already lives according to completely different laws, this does not at all prevent him from relying on his old experience. Instinctively, a man is always looking for a female who will be a worthy companion and mother. This is signaled by the aroma, which, as it were, says that it is a worthy candidate.

Smell is a kind of sex hormones that carry a lot of information about a person. That is why one and the same person can seem very pleasant to some, and repulsive to others. Women are also different, so the smell of a woman's body can both attract potential partners and drive them away.

The problem is that rarely any modern woman pays attention to these signals that their body gives. This is surprising, but if women listened to themselves better and noticed how their mere presence affects some members of the opposite sex, they would understand the secret. And you would stop constantly meeting inappropriate people.

Simple Biology 3

What a person eats will also determine how he smells. And don't think that the more fragrant treats you eat, the more you will exude a pleasant smell. This is absolutely not how it works. Once in the body, any food is digested and broken down. And now this mess has its own definite flavor. Sweets don't add caramel flavor to you, but rather surround you with the smell of acetone.

about the smell of the female body
about the smell of the female body

Even simple eggs are not your helpers - they smell like rotten fish. Nobody forces you to give up such familiar food products, but it is definitely worth revising their quantity. However, there are also foods that help improve the natural flavor. For example, rice and buckwheat. They give a pleasant scent to the body and even breath.

As a result, I would like to say - not everything is so sad in the world of fragrances. The scent of a woman's body can really be attractive and seductive for specific men. After all, it is worth remembering that man is not only a biological being, led by primitive instincts. People can fall in love, they can feel a kindred spirit, they can just feel attracted. And if you love your soul mate, then not necessarily it happened only because of the smell. Most likely, you just liked him internally and externally, and therefore you should not sniff at everyone you know.

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