Zodiac Signs That Walk In Circles In Relationships

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Zodiac Signs That Walk In Circles In Relationships
Zodiac Signs That Walk In Circles In Relationships

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zodiac signs that go in circles in relationships
zodiac signs that go in circles in relationships

Love and hate are often compared to two twins whose paths never cross. It is very good and convenient when our attitude towards a person is defined: I am friends with one, I love the other, but I hate the third and bypass the tenth side.

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However, in life, and especially in partnerships, such an idyll rarely develops. It often happens that feelings for a partner are filled with ambivalence. “I love him, at the same time I hate with every fiber of my soul!” - people say in such situations. “We need to decide something,” relatives and friends advise them, rubbing their foreheads. “Either there or there; or live together, or part."

Getting out of this kind of relationship is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. The problem is that a person seems to suit us in all respects; but he has one or two character traits that are fundamentally incompatible with a "normal", in our opinion, life.

Psychologists recommend in this case to determine their own attitude to a person at the level of consciousness. Is it important for us that the partner continues to be present in our lives? If yes, then it is necessary to show love even in those moments when the heart is captivated by hatred.

There are several zodiac signs that are most at risk of falling into the trap of love and hate.


Representatives of this constellation have every chance of being happy in a relationship. Sociability and the ability to adapt to a partner distinguishes Gemini from other representatives of the zodiacal circle. But no matter how adaptive they are, Gemini's impermanence can cross everything out. It is very difficult for them to make weighty decisions, since they usually follow their own impulses. And in personal life, this often becomes the cause of problems.

Instead of looking to the future with optimism, Gemini often focus on boredom and problems. Their partners are at a loss: Gemini are head over heels in love; they want to get a divorce and live in a monastery all their lives. Naturally, this cannot but cause a response from any adequate person who strives for harmony and love in a relationship.

sexy twins
sexy twins

Cancers 2

Those born under the auspices of this constellation can experience the whole range of feelings. On the one hand, such sensitivity distinguishes them from the rest for the better - it's hard not to fall in love with a romantic like Cancer! But on the other hand, the painful sensitivity of this sign can turn relationships into a real nightmare.

The planet-patroness of Cancers is the Moon. This means that their actions always lack clarity, precision, consistency. And no matter how Cancers try, they cannot achieve constancy in their intentions and feelings. And how can you achieve it, if in the morning someone steps on their feet, then in the evening suddenly the lights in the house are turned off? It is then that Cancers begin to vent their displeasure on their partner.

And such emotional sensitivity is a direct path to a relationship where love and hate reign supreme. Cancers will take any little thing to heart. This sign falls in love more often than others - even if his feelings are rejected and unrequited love can cause significant damage to self-esteem.

loving crayfish
loving crayfish


Secretive and mysterious, the representatives of this constellation want to believe that everything in this world is filled with deep meaning. Even a relationship that is long overdue to bring it to a logical conclusion. “No, if we are still together, then there is definitely something to fight for!” - this is how the thoughtful Scorpio thinks.

He always quickly takes offense, and it is very difficult to forgive people for their weaknesses. And without forgiveness, you can't build a family or a strong relationship with a friend. Scorpio's main motto is “all or nothing”. His categorical nature causes a grin in some and bewilderment in others. How else, if Scorpio can harbor a grudge even if you accidentally don't say hello to him in the morning?

He follows the same principle in the love sphere. Even if there is nothing to save in a relationship - and in an amicable way, it's high time to save yourself - Scorpio will still make desperate attempts to keep everything as it is.

Scorpios, even during a night's rest, continue to think about how to solve existing problems in a relationship. They tend to dramatize and exaggerate everything, fill with passion and deep feelings. Of course, building a healthy love or friendship relationship with this approach is extremely difficult. And therefore, those born under the auspices of this sign often cannot do without the help of a professional psychologist.

sexy scorpions
sexy scorpions

To an outside observer, a “love and hate” relationship may seem like an unnecessary burden and a whim. But for those people who are in them, such love often turns out to be fatal, seriously affecting other areas of life. If you have doubts about whether to continue this love affair, do a little thought experiment. Imagine there is a movie about your relationship that is being watched by viewers. Will they be rooting for your love affair to succeed? If the answer is “no,” then it is quite possible that this relationship should be brought to an end.

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